Year 1: Aarhus, Denmark - your point of departure

Your first year of studies is spent with all of your classmates in Aarhus, Denmark's second biggest city. As a Mundus Journalism student, you will follow courses taught at both Aarhus University, in the departments of Media and Journalism Studies and Political Science, and at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

The aim of the first year is to give you the analytical skills needed to identify and analyse cultural, political, and technological challenges to and opportunities for journalism across the globe. You will also learn how to integrate this sophisticated theoretical understanding with practical approaches to assert journalism within a public sphere that is undergoing decisive changes.

Contemporary issues within journalism are viewed from different perspectives, combining the strengths of the three teaching institutions into a cohesive structure that will prepare you for your specialisation and thesis work in the second year.

A unique study environment

The atmosphere in Aarhus is vibrant as Mundus Journalism students from more than 40 different nationalities meet and share their global outlooks and insights. During the first year in Aarhus, you will get to know people with cultures very different from your own, find new friends and develop projects both in and outside of class that reflect your interests.

Aarhus is often considered the best place to study in Denmark, and we offer excellent facilities like the Royal Danish Library and Studenterhus Aarhus. Outside the classroom, you can get involved with initiatives like SPOT music festival or cultural community programmes like Godsbanen. There's also the opportunity to develop your own media projects like the podcast Too Good Too Late shows.

The atmosphere on and off campus in Aarhus makes for a truly Danish experience. Staff at all faculties are informal and approachable. You will encounter the Danish norm of referring to your teachers by their first name, from day one.

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Quote from our recent alumni survey
The best part of the Mundus Journalism experience is the sense of belonging in a global Mundus family. In the very first part of the curriculum, confronting your ideas to those of people from 40+ different countries is an invaluable source of learning. The open-mindedness, respect and empathy that arose from those discussions formed the basis of a strong and helpful network and family for life.

Mundus life - a look behind the scenes in Aarhus

2-days workshop "Freelancing as a Journalist" - FADA Collective

Since 2021, we have organised a 2-days workshop conducted by the journalists of FADA,

FADA is a collective of Italian freelance journalists covering human rights, environment, migration and minorities in countries such as Iraq, Bosnia, Nigeria and Gaza.

Toics covered: How do you organise a reportage on the field/abroad? Who do you get in contact with? Which permits and authorisations do you need? How do you write a pitch? How do you turn fragments of interviews into a story? Through theoretical and practical lessons, the workshop focus on: • reportage • photo and video journalism • web-documentary & storytelling • pre-production • final sale • how to combine words and visual