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In the Mundus Journalism consortium, we do everything we can to make you feel welcome and make your cultural and educational transition to our universities as smooth as possible. At Aarhus University - where all students will start their Mundus journey - we have established a special Mundus Service Centre.

We help you with issues related to the academic programme, the application and selection procedure, visa and accommodation, and any other questions you might have both before applying for the programme and after admission.

Student-centric services that cater to every stage of your student journey:

Visa assistance for non-EU students

We will help you at every step of the visa process. Three months before course start in Aarhus, you will receive all the needed visa documents for the Danish visa/residence permit. In the second semester, Mundus staff from you specialisation university will visit Aarhus or set up an online meeting to assist you with your second visa.

Accommodation service

All universities offer accommodation assistance, and at most universities, there will be a housing service and housing guarantee if the housing application is received before a certain deadline. According to your taste and financial situation, you can choose to live in student residences, shared facilities houses, or sublet rooms.

As Aarhus will be your first destination, you might want to know more about the different housing options in Aarhus. If so, please check out the video What to expect when you first arrive in Aarhus where our Mundus students Giovana Faria (Brazil) and Sandra Zialcita (The Philippines) talk about hosing options and how they and their classmates live in Aarhus.

Special welcome and introduction program at each university

At each of our universities, the Mundus staff arranges an introduction programme to introduce the Mundus group to the new university and study environment. Usually, it includes information about the academic programme, extracurricular activities such as language courses and sports, and the various student support facilities.

Insurance scheme

At Mundus Journalism, we are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our students. As part of this commitment, we provide mandatory health and accident insurance coverage to all our students throughout the two-year programme. These insurance requirements align with the standards established for Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses under the Erasmus Mundus Programme 2024-2029 and cover risks related to health, accidents, death, permanent invalidity, and civil responsibility.

Assistance for disabled students

The Mundus Journalism Consortium welcomes applications from students with a disability. If you have a disability, special needs, or a chronic illness, we encourage you to include as much information as possible regarding your situation within your application package in order for us to help you in the best possible way. If you have any special needs, we recommend you take a look here to see what kind of support each of the degree universities can offer at

Monthly newsletters and social networks

To prepare you for the transition to Aarhus University and the Mundus Journalism programme, once you accept admission you will receive a monthly newsletter until course start in September. The newsletter covers not only a wide range of practical issues, but it also gives an insight into Danish culture and life in Aarhus. 

A couple of weeks before, we set up a Facebook group for all the new Mundus Journalism students. This platform creates a special space that give all students the opportunity to get to know each other before arrival in Aarhus – in some cases, some students have even visited each other in their home countries prior to course start! All these initiatives ensure that integration within the student community is already at an advanced level when students arrive in Aarhus.

In addition, you can always be updated on the activities of the Mundus Journalism community via our institutional accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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Quote from our recent alumni survey
It was an overall excellent academic experience, with outstanding professors, engaged classmates and incredible universities full of resources and welcoming staff. The programme staff were superstars in making us all to feel welcomed and supported. Especially the ones that haven't lived/studied abroad previously.