Diverse career opportunities

Above: Alumna Emily Drew discusses her work setting up Al Jazeera's news network in the USA at a panel discussion at the Mundus Journalism Reunion in 2015.

Our alumni are entering successful and interesting jobs worldwide with many at the top of their profession. As a Mundus Journalism alum, many paths are open to you, and you might want to choose different directions at different times in your life – that's totally normal! With the media and journalism industry constantly changing and evolving, Mundus alumni find themselves equipped to navigate the job market and manage to land or even create positions in which they can grow and thrive. To give you an overview of the , we have divided Mundus Journalism's career paths into three overall directions: journalism, academia and international organizations. However, You can also read interviews with our alumni describing their recent career developments.

A future in global and international journalism

Graduates of Mundus Journalism, who return to journalism posts, are able to pursue their profession at a more senior level, and with a more analytical approach to journalism that has significant international content and ambition.

Mundus Journalism graduates find work in newsrooms, international organisations, information-based journalism, or communication departments in various global public and private organisations. Indeed, a majority of our current alumni have been hired for such jobs as a result of the international perspective and their analytical capabilities.

Many of our graduates have entered the job market in institutions spread around the globe and build successful careers at some of the world's top media organisations, including Dow Jones Newswires, the Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Welle, Bloomberg London, Euronews, the Asian Banker (Singapore), the Kathmandu Post, the Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation, Nairobi's Radio Africa Group and New York's Al Jazeera offices.

A future with academic opportunities 

The programme's combination of different national research traditions and its emphasis on globalisation open future academic and research opportunities. The Mundus Journalism programme has proved a unique recruitment ground for PhD programs in Europe and overseas, and some of our PhD candidates have continued into academia as associate professors and researchers.

Teke Ngomba is a very special example from our Mundus Journalism programme. Teke, who entered the programme in 2006 as a student from Cameroon, became a Mundus Journalism graduate and then a PhD scholar at Aarhus University. Teke is now an associate professor at Aarhus University and teaches our new Mundus Journalism students.

A future in NGO's, start-ups and all areas of international work

Alumni of Mundus Journalism have also chosen to take their master's qualification and use it in other fields - our graduates have landed jobs in public relations and communications for many intergovernmental organisations, at technology start ups, and global non-profit companies among others.

Some of our alumni's innovative businesses and organisations: