Tuition, stipends and scholarships

Photo credits: Dafne Betzabé Pérez Urrea

Low tuition fee compared to journalism programmes worldwide

The tuition fee for the whole two-year Mundus Journalism master's programme is known to be low compared to other MA programmes in journalism, worldwide. Furthermore, you will not have to pay the entire amount at admission - instead the tuition fee will be invoiced in instalments of €4500 prior to each semester. For EU students the tuition fee will be invoiced for the second year of studies only, as there is no tuition for EU students at Danish universities due to national legislation.

Two-year tuition fee:

  • Non-EU students: €18.000

  • EU students: €9.000*

Stipends and Scholarships

As all other Erasmus Mundus Consortia, Mundus Journalism must regularly reapply to the EU to keep the programme running. 2024 is our year of reapplication. This EU application process has a direct impact on the scholarships available for the 2024-2026 programme, as the consortium cannot receive Mundus scholarships from the EU while the EU application process is running.

Amid these transitions, our dedication to fostering academic brilliance and financial support to our students remains unwavering. All prospective candidates for the 2024-2026 programme can apply for an Erasmus+ stipend of up to €6000, providing a financial cushion to support their educational journey. In addition, the Mundus Journalism Consortium will support four applicants with a special Mundus Journalism Consortium Scholarship of €10.000 in total, further elevating the opportunities available. Despite being a scholarship recipient, the student will still be responsible for covering the tuition fees themselves. Students who receive a Mundus Journalism Consortium scholarship are still eligible to apply for and receive an extra Erasmus+ stipend. 

We offer Erasmus+ stipends of up to €6000 to all students**:

  • All Mundus Journalism students can apply for an Erasmus+ stipend. So far, all eligible students have received this stipend. Due to the nature of the Erasmus+ programme, the stipend will be awarded to support the second year studies at the specialisation university.

  • Information and assistance on the Erasmus+ stipend, as well as step-by-step guidance throughout the application process, will be provided by the Erasmus+ Office at Aarhus University after course start.

The Mundus Journalism Consortium has arranged funding for four applicants for the 2024-2026 programme - our new Mundus Journalism Consortium Scholarships. 

Applicants who have already graduated with a 2-year Master’s degree, unfortunately, cannot receive a Mundus Journalism Consortium Scholarship. However, Erasmus+ stipends can still be applied for.

The Mundus Journalism Selection Committee will select the best applicant for each specialisation university, awarding the selected applicant with a Mundus Journalism Consortium scholarship of €10.000 in total:

  • Politics & Communication at University of Amsterdam: 1 scholarship of €10.000 in total
  • Totalitarianism & Transition at Charles University in Prague: 1 scholarship of €10.000 in total
  • Crisis & Conflict at City, University of London: 1 scholarship of €10.000 in total
  • Cultures & Contexts at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München: 1 scholarship of €10.000 in total

All applicants will be considered for these scholarships, hence, you do not have to indicate within the application package that you want to apply for a scholarship.


*Due to Danish legislations, Danish students can apply to get the tuition fee covered by the 'Udlandsstipendieordning'

**Please note: Aarhus University offers Erasmus+ grants to student studying at selected partner institutions outside the Erasmus+ program, such as City, University of London. However, students going to countries that are not part of the Erasmus+ program, unfortunately, cannot be prioritized in case the university does not receive enough funding for all students.