Selection criteria

The Consortium aims to admit highly qualified students from the widest possible range of countries and backgrounds.

Each year we receive around 400 to 500 applications and admit around 80-90 students. We expect to offer 23 Erasmus Mundus scholarships for the 2022-24 programme, hence, around 25% will be offered admission as scholarship students, while 75% will be offered admission as self-funded students. 

Only applicants who are superior in all application criteria can expect to be offered admission as scholarship students. Students who already have a 2-year's MA degree cannot be granted a Mundus scholarship; however, they can still be considered for self-funded admission. 

The admission process for students is highly selective and is based upon a variety of factors to ensure that the selection is as objective and fair as possible. During the selection process, all applications are read and evaluated by a team of academics from the specialisation university to which the applicant has applied. For scholarship awards, we also have a second evaluation done by our Programme Quality Auditor, to reinforce the fair distribution of scholarships.

To ensure that the best candidates are admitted, the consortium has decided to give priority to academic merit; candidates will only be admitted if they have, at a minimum, above-average marks/GPA during their bachelor. 

In addition to the assessment of the applicant’s bachelor degree, an estimate of the applicant in terms of their ability to successfully complete the degree and enter the job market is made through the criteria of journalism experiencelife experience, and their application reflections.

Selection criteria for admission and for the Mundus scholarships:

Academic background

This criteria evaluates the applicant’s academic ability, previous academic record and academic reference, based on transcript of records, academic reference letter, academic awards, etc.

Journalism experience

This criteria evaluates the applicant's journalistic experience based on the quality of work samples, journalistic career and the journalistic reference. 

Application reflections

Within the Application Form you will find a section called Application reflections. These are reflections/questions related to your academic and journalistic past as well as your future career expectations. Though short, these answers will be evaluated, not only on their content, but also on their writing style, quality and clarity. 

Applicants selected for Mundus scholarships

We expect to offer 23 Erasmus Mundus scholarships for the 2022-24 programme. Only applicants being superior in all categories can expect to be offered admission as scholarship students. 

Students who already have a 2-year MA degree cannot be granted a Mundus scholarship but can be considered for self-funded admission.

Self-funded students studying at an EU-university in the second year can apply for an Erasmus+ stipend. So far, the stipend has been around €3500. The stipend is provided by Aarhus University when students are progressing to their year-2 studies at the specialisation university. Information and application process will be arranged after course start in Aarhus.