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Above: Our Mundus Journalism 2023-2025 students on their first month in Aarhus (credits: Cecilia Arregui Olivera).

Why choose Mundus Journalism?

State-of-the art programme

The Mundus Journalism MA programme gives you state-of-the-art insights into the current topics within journalism, media and globalisation. The curriculum combines academic, theoretical knowledge with journalistic skills. It will improve your ability to analyse, interpret and understand the global changes that increasingly challenge traditional boundaries between media, politics, technology, and culture. All in all, the programme prepares you to work practically towards improving and maintaining the societal and cultural legitimacy of journalism globally.

A vibrant and international community

Join the Mundus Journalism programme to engage with peers and staff from more than 100 countries across the globe in an ambitious, interdisciplinary and multicultural environment. The Erasmus Mundus Journalism master's degree offers you a truly unique and international educational experience. At Mundus Journalism, you will study at leading universities in at least two European countries, work with top researchers in media studies, political science and journalism. In addition, you will gain an outstanding professional network for life.

We offer stipends, scholarships, free insurance* and a 3-year work visa

At Mundus Journalism, we are committed to making quality education accessible to as many as possible. Our two-year master's program is known for its affordable tuition, setting it apart from journalism programs worldwide. For the 2024-2026 program, we anticipate that all prospective candidates will qualify for an Erasmus+ stipend of up to €6,000, offering invaluable financial support for your educational journey. Moreover, the Mundus Journalism Consortium extends its support to four exceptional applicants with a special scholarship worth €10,000, further enhancing the opportunities available. What's more, students who receive the Mundus Journalism Consortium scholarship can still apply for and receive an additional Erasmus+ stipend.

But our benefits go beyond financial assistance. As a Mundus Journalism student, you'll enjoy the peace of mind of having both health care and civil liability insurance fully covered throughout the two-year program. After graduation, you'll be well-prepared for a successful career in any journalism-related field worldwide. You'll also benefit from the unique advantage of being eligible for a work visa in both Denmark and the country where you completed your second-year studies.

* The comprehensive insurance plan will be available only if the revised program application is approved by the EU. We will receive notification from the EU regarding the approval outcome by August 2024.

Mundus Journalism gives you a very strong alumni network and a great career

Our alumni stay connected via mentorship programmes, and various, active alumni groups. To find out about our alumni's fantistic career paths, please visit our Alumni & Career pages

The map presented below illustrates the diverse origins of our nearly 1500 alumni. We are eager to include your country on the map, joining the 115 nations already represented.

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Call for appplications: 1 November
Appplication deadline: 10 January
Application response: 1 March
Course start: 1 September

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Quote from one of our current students
We operate in an environment of mutual understanding and respect, making for great moments in and out of the classroom. We enjoy listening to and learning from the experiences and expertise of one another, and many of us are eager to build up each other.

The Mundus Journalism Programme does not discriminate on the basis of disability, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, or age.

Read more about our support for disabled students

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