About us - a truly global journalism programme

Photo credits: Abhushan Gautam.

Since its inception in 2005, the Erasmus Mundus Journalism Consortium has sought to advance research on global aspects of journalism, set new standards for European education and create new job qualifications for students on the global market.

The academic excellence, breadth of research and global representativeness of the Mundus Journalism programme are ensured by the quality of the degree-awarding partners, and by the systematic selection of new credit-awarding and associated partners. Our strength lies in the collective willingness and joint commitment to combine and develop research, teaching and industry relations to prepare graduates for contemporary and future challenges within the evolving landscape of journalism. So far we have a track record of more than 1000 successful alumni.

The Mundus Journalism programme is part of the wider Erasmus Mundus Master's initiative of the European Union. It was developed as a response to a growing need for journalism candidates who think and act across boundaries of nations, cultures and knowledge.

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Quote from Mark Shapiro, Senior Correspondent, Centre for Investigative Reporting, California
The Mundus Journalism programme is a unique and invaluable programme drawing from the intersection between academic scholarship in global studies and the so-called real-world of journalistic inquiry.

The Mundus family - a professional network for life

At Mundus Journalism, we understand the importance of connection. So as much as this degree is about connecting journalism, media and globalisation, it's also about connecting people and building global networks of like-minded peers and colleagues. Hence, the feeling of connection is encouraged from day one and creates a strong bond between students, alumni and staff, who quickly come to identify themselves as a part of the Mundus family.

This idea of connection is so integral to the philosophy behind the programme that the home page image, for example, features our esteemed Aarhus University colleague associate Professor Teke Jacob Ngomba, who is himself an alumnus of the programme, chatting to student Freja Erikson at our 10-year anniversary and reunion in Amsterdam 2015. The reunion was also a collaboration within the Mundus family. The event was managed by an alumna from our inaugural year, Audrey Sykes, and coordinated by staff, students and alumni. 

Mundus Journalism offers:

  • A two-year transnational master's degree profiled by the European Commission
  • Mundus Journalism Consortium Scholarships to selected students
  • Erasmus+ stipends of up to €6000 for the second-year studies. So far, all students have received this stipend
  • A free health care and civil liability insurance throughout the 2-year programme*
  • Three year’s working visa after graduation
  • State-of-the-art insights into journalism, media and globalisation
  • Distinct global journalism specialisations in year 2 and second semester exchange to one of our prestigious credit awarding universities
  • Quality assurance at all levels through e.g. Higher Education Accreditations, Advisory Board and Student representatives
  • Award of a prestigious Joint Degree from two universities in two different countries
  • A special cultural experience with a unique family bond connecting students, alumni and staff from more than 100 countries across the globe
  • A degree for a career in any journalisticly related field across the globe