International career opportunities and a global network

We believe that today's journalists not only need practical reporting skills but also an analytical understanding of global change. That's why our degree combines journalism studies with political science, international relations and media studies.

At Mundus Journalism, you learn practical skills but more importantly, you learn how to analyse and understand the various factors that influence the world you work in as a journalist and journalism as an industry. Our degree thus prepares you for a career in any field where an analytical mind combined with deep understanding of international media is relevant.

Our alumni unanimously emphasise that learning in a multicultural environment is one of the key strengths of the Mundus Journalism degree. In addition, the employability of our candidates suggests that the Mundus Journalism brand is seen as evidence of academic excellence.

Our latest alumni survey shows that around 77% work in the field of journalism and communication, e.g. as reporters, communications consultants and media development professionals, and many focus on entrepreneurship and start-ups. 10% of our graduates have enrolled in a PhD programme or work in academia. Others work e.g. as PR consultants, political scientists and communication specialists at non-profit organisations.

You can get to know our alumni, and their stories, here.

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Quote from our recent alumni survey
Mundus Journalism is not just a study programme but a platform that brings together young journalists and media workers to network, discuss social issues, learn compassion towards countries and people they don’t know. It's a portal that transforms you into a better journalist, global citizen, and person.