Close to 1500 alumni from more than 100 countries

Our alumni network is a pivotal point for drawing all graduates together, regardless of career direction. It is a strong platform for connecting and reconnecting, building professional contacts, sharing job opportunities and continuing industry discussions.

Since Mundus graduates are based in every continent, they connect through Facebook, Twitter and online networking events. Every few years, however, we try to organize an in-person Mundus reunion, where students, graduates from all cohorts, and former and current staff get together for a weekend of round tables, workshops and memories.

2020 should have marked our 15 years' celebrations but unfortunately, the Covid-19 situation did not allow the whole Mundus community to reunite in Hamburg. We are instead looking ahead and have started planning our 20 years' celebrations.

Connect with us

We keep in contact with our alumni via newsletters and run an ongoing profile series documenting the successes of our graduates.

Alumni (or students) can show potential employers that they are associated with the programme by adding "@mundusjourn graduate / student" to their Twitter bio or "@mundus_journ graduate / student" to their Instagram bio.

Our private alumni group on Facebook very actively connects students and alumni from every year (as well as staff). This has become a vital portal for idea exchanges. Projects requests, jobs, internships and cultural insights are also shared on a daily basis.

Alumni can also tag us with their work links or relevant photos on Twitter and Instagram to share with the alumni network. We use these hashtags: #mundusjournalism #EMJalumni #EMJstudents

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Quote from our recent alumni survey
I have nothing but great memories, a wealth of knowledge and an exceptional alumni network that is spread across the world. The Mundus programme is not just a degree - it is a learning experience of a lifetime.

Our alumne network spans the globe across more that 100 different countries