Year 2: Specialisation in Prague

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Charles University in Prague is one of the oldest universities in the world. The University's location in the capital of the Czech Republic in Central Europe makes it the ideal hub for the programme's new specialisation in Totalitarianism & Transition. Not only was the Czech Republic one of the focal points of the changes in 1989 that altered the political landscape of Europe. The country also witnessed first-hand the severe effects of the marketisation of media and the consecutive undermining of the independency of journalism.

The processes constituting the pillars of democracy are increasingly challenged in the world today. The Totalitarianism & Transition specialisation focuses on issues arising from this political upheaval. As media and journalism are key players of liberal democracy, their status are crucial in the transition from a totalitarian to a liberal political environment. 

The specialisation gives you a solid understanding of the contemporary history of post-totalitarian countries. You will work with key issues facing journalism in light of ongoing political, market related and technological transformations. Your theoretical knowledge becomes the point of departure for the practical courses in audio, video and multimedia journalism production. This will also be a perfect point of departure if you, for example, would like to work within foreign correspondence.

The specialisations in Totalitarianism & Transition and Crisis & Conflict offer more practical journalism training. The specialisations in Politics & Communication and Cultures & Contexts are instead more theory-oriented and focuses on substantive issues and empirical research analysing the content, production, and effects of journalism and other forms of communication.

A dynamic and diverse study environment

Studying in Prague offers the benefits of living in a historical capital with an international environment that connects people of different backgrounds. Moreover, Prague has been ranked among the safest and most beautiful and pleasant cities to live in worldwide.

Charles University receives thousands of international students every year from all over the world, creating a dynamic and culturally diverse study environment. The University offers a wide range of opportunities - besides boasting a plethora of student societies, there are also several sports complexes, along with other exciting social places. The University also organises on and off campus activities for the student community.

Shared interest in sports, cultural activities as well as sharing knowledge and values with other people help to unite all members of the University - regardless of which faculty we belong to or what we are studying. You will be able to benefit from the young, dynamic and interdisciplinary environment to help develop your full potential. 

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Quote from one of our current students
Aside from academics, I enjoy living in the vibrant city of Prague. The things I can do in my free time are endless. Barhopping and nightlife? Yes, certainly! Museum visits or nature hikes? Definitely! Eating out with friends and classmates? Yes, almost every day!
More than these fun things outside of school, I appreciate how our university opens opportunities for engagement with professionals in the field. We have been introduced to several media outlets in Prague (and there are upcoming tours and visits), and we have talked to visiting professional journalists and academics (e.g., from Norway and Taiwan).

Mundus life - a look behind the scenes in Prague

Charles University is a new specialisation to the Mundus Journalism programme, so more student and alumni projects related to the University will be added here over time.