Year 2: Specialisation in London from 2024-intake

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The specialisation in Crisis & Conflict is hosted by City, University of London in the United Kingdom.

The Crisis & Conflict specialisation draws on the Department of Journalism's expertise in both the theory and practice of journalism. It recognises that studying crisis reporting has become crucial as it enables journalists to provide accurate, timely, and responsible information during challenging times. Crisis and conflict reporting serves as a primary source of information for the public, aiding in informed decision-making, disaster preparedness, and response coordination. It also holds authorities accountable, exposes systemic vulnerabilities, and helps prevent the spread of mis- and disinformation. By understanding crisis reporting techniques, journalists can effectively convey the gravity of situations while maintaining ethical standards, fostering public trust, and ultimately contributing to the safety and well-being of communities.

You will learn from highly experienced, respected and veteran journalists and academics while having access to top-tier equipment.

The specialisations in Totalitarianism & Transition and Crisis & Conflict offer more practical journalism training. The specialisations in Politics & Communication and Cultures & Contexts are instead more theory-oriented and focuses on substantive issues and empirical research analysing the content, production, and effects of journalism and other forms of communication.

An active study environment

London is a truly inspiring place to connect with everything you would want when joining the Mundus Journalism programme. Cultural diversity, challenging perspectives of international affairs and a never-ending agenda of activities are everywhere to foster a professional career and to enrich your personal development.

There is an outstanding number of extracurricular activities available from City, University of London. In this way, you will be better integrated and supported during your stay in London. You can discuss how to present your CV, receive entrepreneurship advice and share difficulties with adapting to London.

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As for my personal development, I consider those two years the most important years of my life so far. I’d always choose to study the Mundus programme again, and I can highly recommend it to anyone with an international mindset who is interested in business journalism.

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