One of the first co-curricular activities that our new students in Aarhus undertake is the production of the so-called "Bluebook". The Bluebook can be compared to the yearbooks in e.g. the US, and is a Danish tradition which started among students in high schools and has now spread to the primary schools and universities as well.

Each new batch of students is asked to contribute to this much loved Mundus Journalism tradition. The Bluebook is produced by a volunteer editorial group who is responsible for content, design, layout and publishing. And it is not a secret that everyone works hard to make the Bluebook even more spectacular than the last year's production. Normally, the book is launched with a party at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. 

The Bluebooks contain all sorts of information, both background information about each student such as nationality, BA degree, career interests and contact details, as well as fun facts about the whole batch.

You can download the Bluebooks by clicking the links below:

Bluebook 2020-2022Bluebook 2019-2021Bluebook 2018-2020Bluebook 2017-2019Bluebook 2016-2018Bluebook 2015-2017Bluebook 2014-2016
Bluebook 2013-2015
Bluebook 2012-2014
Bluebook 2011-2013
Bluebook 2010-2012
Bluebook 2009-2011
Bluebook 2008-2010
Bluebook 2007-2009
Bluebook 2006-2008
Bluebook 2005-2007