A community where your ideas come alive 

Mundus Journalism is a highly recognised academic programme in journalism, but it is also a whole life and education experience with its different moments and activities. Over the years, we have witnessed our students making the most of the connections and different perspectives found in the programme to create a vibrant and creative environment on and off campus. Given that student needs are individual and likely to change from one cohort to another, every year we strongly encourage students to also seize the initiative and arrange their own extra-curricular activities, as long as these do not collide with institutional policies.

Workshops on video editing, podcast series , open-mic nights, poetry slams, film screenings, Halloween parties, Brazilian carnival and Mexican nights were just some of the ideas that came alive and became opportunities to learn, socialize and share particular interests within the Mundus students' community. 

We call it Mundus Experience, moments and events in which you are able to be yourself and do what you like with other Mundus students - sometimes even start-ups are founded starting from one of these projects!

The Mundus staff supports the philosophy of students getting together and organizing educational and recreational activities in order to foster the community spirit; most of the times, they are also more than happy to contribute to the organizational and finalcial aspects. 

For a sneak peek of what our students organized lately, take a look below: 

Mundus 2021/2023 cohort in Aarhus

Halloween Party and BlueBook Launch 26.10.2019

Credits: Giovana Fleck

Mundus Gala 7.12.2019

Credits: Nalé Barbieri Pederiva and Giovana Fleck