Living and studying in Munich

LMU Munich

Founded in 1924 as an institute for newspaper research, the Department fo Media and Communication (IfKW) is now one of the largest and most internationally renowned departments for communication research and journalism studies in the German-speaking world.

The Department of Media and Communication sits next to the English Garden, one of Europe’s biggest urban parks, where students can retreat and rest during busy days at the campus. With its own dedicated library, cafeteria, and hangout spots, the Department’s building is host to a diverse crowd of students and home to professors and staff who will accompany the incoming Erasmus Mundus students throughout the programme.

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A city where innovation sits alongside tradition

Founded in 1158, Munich is the capital of the state of Bavaria and the third biggest city in Germany, after Berlin and Hamburg, counting around 1 million and a half inhabitants. Its ecletic mix of historic and modern makes Munich a global centre of art, culture, publishing, technology and business. In fact, the city is known for its particular mixture of “laptop and lederhosen” - the traditional Bavarian leather pants you can see at Oktoberfest - meaning that high-tech and tradition are both important parts of Munich' soul. In addition, the Bavarian capital enjoys a very high standard and quality of living, reaching first in Germany and third worldwide according to the 2018 Mercer's Quality of Living survey.

Munich is home to two of the best universities in Germany, LMU and TUM, and many other internationally-recognized higher education institutions. Every year, over 17,400 international applicants - accounting for 25 percent of all students - choose Munich to embark on their educational journey, from undergraduate degrees to Erasmus and postgraduate programmes. This make the atmosphere incredibly stimulating, as students can find an open-minded and diverse environment where different cultures are celebrated throughout. 

In fact, it’s not unusual to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, Fasching, St. Patrick’s Day Parade within a short amount of time. You can find Italian markets, Asian shops, Persian Restaurants and Mexican Food stands in the same street – a Mundus environment per definition!

To get insights on what it's like to live and study in Munich, take a look at Student Life at LMU: you will find informatin about housing, living costs, recreational activities and academic support to make the best of your time as a Mundusian in Munich. 

In addition, for information about what to do and see, please check the official website for the city of Munich.