Collaborations at all levels and in all directions

Collaboration leads to innovation, engagement, creativity, and fulfillment. Collaboration within Mundus Journalism takes place at all levels and in all directions: between staff at all the different universities, among students and between students, staff and alumni. The Mundus family – as we call ourselves – also connect and collaborate with the media world across the globe.

In order to facilitate collaboration, the Mundus Journalism Consortium supports an interchange of knowledge and cooperative research between the Consortium's institutions via staff exchange and staff visits. In our Staff section you can read reports related to this activity. Our student and alumni further form a unique network that has created projects across borders and year groups.

How we collaborate:

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Quote from our recent alumni survey
One of my best experiences was working together with a group of other students with a research grant on a global investigative story which eventually was published in SPON in Germany, in Nigeria and Norway. Irreplaceable. Thank you!