What Mudus students write about

In order to show what our students are capable of by the end of their courses, and to give prospective students an idea of the topics that Mundus students address, we present here a sample of recent MA thesis topics tackled by students at City, University of London, as well as the Universities of Hamburg and Amsterdam.

2013.04.30 | Hannah Spyksma

 City University London

  • New development in a forgotten conflict: On the connection between Wall Street, the media, The Congo and a cell phone
  • Networked journalism and the rise of alternative news agencies
  • Shutting the tap: The EC’s push for water privatisation
  • Spain’s financial ‘corralito': Reporting on the banking system failure
  • Inclusive growth: The next wave of Indian entrepreneurship
  • Veganism between niche and mainstream: How an ideology becomes a business.

University of Hamburg

Comparative approaches dealing with phenomena in Journalism practice and coverage 

  • Role Perceptions and Ethical Dispositions of Journalism Students in Germany and the United States: A Comparative Study
  • Media Selection of Ethiopian Audiences: A Comparative Study of DW and VOA Radio Amharic Language Services
  • Reporting on the Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 / 'Swine Flu': A Comparative Case Study of Argentina and The Netherlands
  • Orientalism in Media: How the Press in Russia and the UK Cover Formerly Dependent States

Globalisation in Journalism

  • When the North Trains the South: Journalism Trainers' Role Perception in the Context of Development Media
  • Time Out Mumbai: A Process of McDonaldization or Glocalization of Journalism?

Digitalisation of Journalism 

  • User Generated Content in TV News: An Audience Perspective
  • Online Citizen Journalism in Spain: Between Activism and Convergence?
  • The Future of Foreign Reporting: Covering International Affairs in the Digital Age
  • The Role and Routines of Social Media Editors in German Online Newsrooms: A Case Study of stern.de

Transcultural topics 

  • The Role of Diasporic Media for Italian Migrants: The Toronto Case
  • Media Use of African Migrants to Maintain Their Cultural Identity in Hamburg, Germany: A Study of Ghanaian Women
  • Media Use of Filipino Immigrants in Germany: A Case Study on Social Integration from a Transnationalism and Diaspora Perspective

University of Amsterdam

  • The European Union Outsider: Framing of the European Union in Norwegian Newspapers, and its Effect on Public Opinion
  • The Stewart and Colbert Effect: A Comparison of Young American and German Viewers of American Political Satire Shows
  • Brazilian Correspondents in Europe: Careers, Routines, Networks, News Coverage and Role Conceptions
  • Citizen Journalism Is Not All It Is Cracked Up to Be: Media Attitudes of Professional Journalists in China
  • Moving Graphics: The Effects of Interactive Infographics on Media Users' Recall Accuracy
  • The Framing of ACTA in the Dutch Transmedial Public Sphere: An Attempt at Including Online Media in Communication Research
  • An Awkward Affair Between NGOs and Marketing
  • To Bias or Not to Bias? A Comparative Study of the Reporting About the Acquittal of War Generals Gotovina and Markač in Balkan Broadcasters
  • Framing in Times of Crisis: How Corporate Interests Shape Media Content
  • European Crisis, Europeanized News? Newspaper Coverage in the United Kingdom and Germany Between 2005 and 2013
  • Peer Review: Comparing the Sentiment Expressed Through Old and New Media Towards Presidential Candidate Peer Steinbrück
  • Chinese Media’s Perception of Europe: More Changes Coming Along? A Case Study on Chinese Iconic Fixture Newscast Xinwen Lianbo
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