NY Times Nod to Aarhus

A student has put Aarhus on an international must-visit travel list.

2016.01.09 | Hannah Spyksma

Ashley Winchester has put Aarhus on the world's must-visit map, according to New York Times.

Ashley, a first year Mundusian and former freelancer for the prestigious newspaper, wrote about her love for Aarhus as part of the NYTimes' 52 places to Go in 2016.

With a nod to her time as a student, she writes "this big city with a college-town vibe has a thriving art, culture and food scene that is set to expand through 2016". We agree!

So did mundusians on twitter, who also noted the rise of Aarhus and Ashley's achievement.

Funny to see #Aarhus at #13 on this @nytimes list; unsurprised to learn a @MundusJourn person is behind it! Ha. https://t.co/wG5WAloBZd — Stephen Robert Morse (@morsels) January 8, 2016

The city slides in at number 13 on the list and among other things is noted for its museums, public facilities, and foodie scene. Congratulations on this feature, Ashley! 





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