Mundus Student wins European Parliament Prize for Journalism

Sara de Melo Rocha has received the Portuguese prize in the radio category

2012.01.20 | Hannah Spyksma

The European Parliament Prize for Journalism honours the coverage of major European issues that promotes a better understanding of the EU’s institutions and policies.

Sara’s rewarded piece, “Colecionar Odisseias”, covered the Eurodyssée programme, the first mobility programme in the European Union. It inspired other programmes such as Erasmus and Leonardo Da Vinci.

The report tells the story of 20 young European interns who went to the Azores islands to work under the programme. The author followed the group through their entire six month internship to understand the progress and the difficulties experienced by these interns, namely the language barrier or the integration into a new society and in its labor market.

It is a story about the new European generation who walks around Europe looking for dreams, opportunities, new languages and experiences. In the end, they are young people full of potential, children of the European vision, searching for the next job that turns out to be just another internship.

The report was broadcasted on Antena 1 radio on the 25th anniversary of the Eurodyssée programme.

Sara de Melo Rocha is currently part of Mundus Journalism class of 2011-2013.

Read the full report here.

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