Mundus Journalism at EU Uni football championship

Friendly football matches on a field in Aarhus have led to Mundus Journalism students participating in an international football tournament.

2014.05.20 | Hannah Spyksma

Mundus United in action

EMJ students are making headlines in the Erasmus Mundus newsletter - but not for the stories they write. Thanks to the energy and organisation skills of a keen footballer on the course, a number of journalism students had the opportunity to participate in a Europe-wide university football competition in Berlin in late April. The event has been featured as a highlight of the latest Erasmus Mundus Association newsletter, out now.

Read the newsletter report here.

The trip, organised by current Aarhus-based student Raphael Schleuning, was the first of its kind for Erasmus Mundus Journalism students. Schleuning, who is a student representative for the 2013/2014 City University cohort, worked with the Erasmus Mundus Association to pull it off. 

Under the banner 'Mundus United' and bringing together 23 students from the wider Erasmus Mundus programme, the Mundus teams won a 'fair play' award - a pleasing result for the group of footballers, who spanned 14 countries and a range of different experience levels, and had had only a limited practice season on the winter fields of Aarhus.

The excursion was enjoyed not only for the football but the unique highlights that Berlin has to offer - including Mauerpark, Urban Spree and, for the keen journalism students, a guided tour of the Bundestag.

Schleuning is keen to make an annual Mundus United team, so if you're heading to Aarhus this autumn or are an EMJ student based elsewhere in Europe and keen to join in next year - keep an eye out for details!

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