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The rich diversity of perspectives and knowledge students bring to the programme makes for a lively atmosphere on and off campus. Mundus Journalism students tend to be very self-motivated and get involved with a huge variety of projects both inside and outside of the universities.

Beyond this, student initiatives are as varied as the countries they come from. From radio stations to theatre groups, from competitive football teams to start-ups. The opportunities for interaction and idea development on the programme are limitless. You can read about the latest projects by our talented students below.

Picture taken by Galia Guajardo ('19-'21 cohort)

2020.12.12 |

A Mundusian Guide to living, studying and working in Amsterdam

In this guide, we cover topics like where to eat, shop and socialise in Amsterdam. We also provide helpful information about housing, working, living costs, visa, banks and health insurance.

Claudia takes a selfie behind her dad’s old working desk in her old play room now temporary office.

2020.04.23 |

Mundusians under the Covid-19 Lockdown: Part 2 - Claudia De Meulemeester

Join us for the second interview in our series about Mundusians under the Covid-19 Shutdown. Today, we say hello to Claudia De Meulemeester (2014-2016) who shares her lockdown experience from Belgium.

Julia Mandil (2014-2016) is working as the Program Manager for Next Media Accelerator in Hamburg.

2020.03.23 |

Julia Mandil on starting a career in communications and managing media startups

In this alumni interview, we talk to our Hamburg alumna Julia Mandil (2014-2016) about her career as a communication and management professional at the Next Media Accelerator(NMA). Here, Julia gives us a peek into her career in the startup world and the current trends for the media businesses in Europe.

John Silk, Cherie Chan and Eddy Micah Junior (from left to right) at the Mundus Vision Corner event in Hamburg.

2020.02.26 |

Mundus Alumni meet to share tips on how to start a career at Deutsche Welle

At the recent Mundus Vision Corner session, in Hamburg, alumni working at Deutsche Welle talked about experiences and skills that landed them a job at the German public broadcaster.

2019.11.11 |

Kaukab Tahir Shairani on winning the Humanitarian Reporting Award 2019

Current student - Kaukab Tahir Shairani recently won the Humanitarian Reporting Award 2019 for outstanding reporting on the humanitarian issues in her home country Pakistan. Here we talk to her about what the prize means for her, and what her plans are for the future.

Egypt Today editor Yasmine Hassan in Paris.

2019.04.23 |

Egypt Today publishes 'Mundus Edition' travel stories

Long weekends around Europe have turned into feature writing opportunities for a few intrepid Mundus Journalism students.

Lisa Lechner, Lars Svensmark and Miriam Karout. Image: Fullbright Commission Belgium.

2019.04.18 |

Young scholars report on media literacy and misinformation

Three Mundus Journalism students recently attended a US-EU young scholars seminar. Here, they share some of their observations and key takeaway points from the three-day event.

Lisa Urlbauer in New York during her internship for the Solutions Journalism Network.

2019.03.11 |

Lisa Urlbauer on a solutions focus for journalism

Meet Lisa Urlbauer, a current Mundus Journalism student in Amsterdam who recently finished an internship in the US with the Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) – an organisation committed to improving journalism around the world through teaching media professionals the art of reporting “the whole story” through free training and resources on what…

Aakriti Dhawan presenting her poster for MeCoDEM

2019.02.20 |

Students produce research as part of international project on Media, Conflict and Democracy

Hamburg students in the class 'MeCoDEM', linked to an international research project of the same name, have shared their research findings in a poster presentation session. Here is an overview of some of the presentations.

On air in Aarhus - the glowing red letters are universal, from professional to student studios. Photo: Kankanit (Gun) Wiriyasajja.

2019.02.19 |

Planet Mundus Radio – On air in Aarhus

Gustav Hoejmark-Jensen on his first live on air broadcast and what makes student radio such a good experience.

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