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2016.09.01 | Staff Reports, Alumni, Collaborations

Scholar report: Paulette Desormeaux Parra

Alumna and now lecturer at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Paulette Desormeaux Parra, reports on her scholar exchange to London and Amsterdam, where she focused on networking for her investigative journalism projects.

2016.09.01 | Student Showcase, News

The opportunity of a lifetime: An exchange in Berkeley

Indonesian student Serla Rusli, Mundus 2015-2017, gives an account of her time studying on a Mundus Journalism exchange place at one of the world's top 10 universities, and shares tips for those thinking of applying for a study-abroad spot.

Group photo from the Mundus Journalism reunion and 10 year anniversary, Amsterdam 2015

2016.08.04 | News

Four more years of funding

Good news ticked over mid-July in the form of an email from the EACEA Brussels.

Photo: Charly Aliaga Kavelin, taken in Colombia by (Mundus Journalism student) Marthe Vee

2016.07.11 | Student Showcase

How being stateless makes you poor

A London graduate's thesis story has been picked up by international magazine Foreign Policy

Illustration by Chloe Fill for The Mundus Collective summer series on Brexit

2016.07.06 | News

Mundus Statement on Brexit

Following the outcome of the UK referendum on EU membership Henrik Bødker, Chair of the Mundus Journalism Board of Studies, has released the following statement:

2016.06.26 | Staff Reports

Visiting faculty testimonial: Connie St Louis

Dr Catriona Bonfiglioli gives an overview of Connie St Louis' scholar exchange from City University of London to University of Technology, Sydney.

A passion palpable in tears // Fred Bonatto

2016.02.22 | Alumni, Collaborations

Deconstructing the ‘visionary’ in journalism

Following an emotional reunion of media professionals from around the world, Photojournalist and 2013-2015 alumnus Fred Bonatto reflects on what it means to practice good journalism in a globalised, networked society.

2016.02.15 | Student Showcase

Semester wraps up for specialisations

Poster presentations finalise the end of semester and the start of thesis preparation for all students at their specialisation universities.

2016.02.01 | Alumni, Collaborations, Student Showcase

Alumni Profile: Ines Dref

In this alumni profile student Alison Hayward speaks to alumna and Hamburg guest lecturer Ines Drefs about why, since graduating in 2009, she's kept returning to the north of Germany.

2016.01.09 | News, Student Showcase

NY Times Nod to Aarhus

A student has put Aarhus on an international must-visit travel list.

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