Student profile: Haseena Manek

Building this website has been a grassroots effort. To the collect photos we put out a brief to students in each specialisation. Here, we share a small profile of the photojournalists whose pitches were successful.

Name: Haseena Manek

Specialism: War and Conflict at Swansea University

Nationality: Canadian

Haseena on the assignment: 

In choosing what elements to photograph, I decided to focus on what I - as a participant of the Mundus programme - see in my everyday life at Swansea University. The classrooms, other students, the varying architectural styles of the campus. Attempting to capture the experience of this year’s Mundus cohort at Swansea has allowed me to really reflect on what it was about our group, our modules and this university that set the War and Conflict Specialism apart from the options in the Mundus journalism program. It challenged me to view my ongoing experience in a new light and gave a renewed appreciation for this unique opportunity.

Haseena on her Mundus Journalism experience:

I’m grateful for being able to develop a more internationalised network and frame of reference with this experience. I’ve reported on national Canadian and international news and politics, labour stories and gender issues and hope to continue in that direction with renewed perspective and a stronger academic foundation for analysis after completing the Mundus programme.

Haseena was our photographer at Swansea, you'll find her images mainly on the 'Living and Studying in Swansea' pages. 

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