Deconstructing the ‘visionary’ in journalism

Following an emotional reunion of media professionals from around the world, Photojournalist and 2013-2015 alumnus Fred Bonatto reflects on what it means to practice good journalism in a globalised, networked society.

A passion palpable in tears // Fred Bonatto

Here's a small snippit from his analysis - read the full story over on our Medium account: 

"...In a time when we may, in fact, be living through what is something of a New Great War, innovative approaches to journalism and journalism studies should be embraced. If the problems and questions become more complex, so should the tool kits available for their deconstruction.

Samuel Huntington prophesied that “the fault lines between civilisations [would] be the battle lines of the future”. Perhaps the Calais refugee camp is one of these fault lines. But who’s fault is it? Can we return to imperialist history to better understand these new migratory pressures? Do we speak to a community leader of a refugee camp? Might he or she say something different than a coordinator appointed by a Brussels bureaucrat? How quickly can we answer these questions and do we even need to? Are we merely observers or are we active participants?

The voice of journalism is collective..."

Thanks for your photos and analysis Fred - we're humbled to be able to share your work with the Mundus network!