Elevating excellence - partnering with pioneers in journalism

Our network of esteemed Associated Professional Partners

At Mundus Journalism, we take great pride in our network of esteemed Associated Professional Partners. Collaborating with industry leaders is not just an opportunity, but a privilege for us. In our new Mundus V programme, we will embark on new initiatives such as internships, guest lectures, and Advisory Board roles.

We firmly believe that collaboration with our Associated Professional Partners is fundamental to equipping our students with the skills and insights necessary for the dynamic landscape of journalism. Below, you will find an overview of our partners:

Trailblazing Benchmark Media Partners

Leading media houses setting industry standards, renowned for their unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier journalism.

Visionary Innovative Media Partners

These are dynamic entities revolutionizing our understanding of journalism, reshaping our perspectives on journalism, pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking:

Guardians of Professional Integrity

These are dedicated organisations and associations championing journalists' rights and upholding the maintenance of the highest journalistic standards: