Happy retirement to Irene Neverla

The Mundus staff team and students at University of Hamburg bids farewell to Professor Irene Neverla as she retires from her job in 2017.

2017.10.19 | Hannah Spyksma

Professor Neverla has been associated with University of Hamburg for the last 25 years. She was appointed as a Professor for Journalism and Communication Science at the Department of Social Sciences at Hamburg University in 1992. During her career at UHH, she served on different administrative and scientific positions including Academic Director for the Mundus Journalism programme at Hamburg University. Her research interests included journalism studies, visual communication and reception research.  Professor Neverla will be finishing her last term as a Mundus Journalism teacher in Winter Term. Mundus Journalism Program at University of Hamburg will arrange a Farewell event for Professor Neverla in the last week of October.

More about Professor Nverla’s academic and scientific contributions can be viewed at her personal website: https://ireneneverla.com/ueber-2/curriculum-vitae/

Image via ireneneverla.com