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It's a social media takeover for Mundus Journalism.

2016.12.15 | Hannah Spyksma

We now have a Facebook page! Find us here:

This means you can now follow Mundus Journalism on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - as well as see our occasional stories and series over on our Medium account. It's a bit of a social media take over, really. 

And for your information, here's how we use our accounts:

Twitter: We like to share stories and updates from our Mundus Journalism network - you'll find us tweeting and retweeting on relevant conferences, published stories and industry news.

Instagram: This is where you're likely to see a slice of life from students on the Mundus Journalism programme, as well as the occassional alumni updates. 

Medium: A home for occassional stories and series, written by our students and alumni, like this summer series on Brexit.

Facebook: The place where we bring all these updates, as well as general programme information, together.