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Write to us at, and we will respond within 2-3 days!

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We share interesting stories from our network of journalists, academics, entrepreneurs and communicators across the world.

Alumni network

We keep in contact with our alumni via newsletters and run an ongoing profile series documenting the successes of our graduates.

Alumni (or students) can show potential employers that they are associated with the programme by adding "@mundusjourn graduate / student" to their twitter profile or "@mundus_journ graduate / student" to their instagram profile.

Alumni can also tag us with their work links or relevant photos on twitter and instagram to share with the alumni network. We use these hashtags: #mundusjournalism #mundusfamily #EMJalumni #EMJstudents

Our private alumni group on Facebook very actively connects students and alumni from every year (as well as staff). This has become a vital portal for idea exchanges. Projects requests, jobs, internships and cultural insights are also shared on a daily basis.