Application process

To apply for the Mundus Journalism programme you will have to fill in an online application form as well as sending an email with a PDF version of the required documents.

Please download the appropriate application form, fill it in and submit it, preferably using the most current version of Adobe Reader (using an older version or other reader software has previously resulted in problems). To download the forms, you need to use a right-click (a.k.a secondary click) on the download link and select as "download linked file” or "save as” depending on the used browser.Then you can simply open the file in Adobe Reader and proceed with the application Process. To submit the form, click on the Submit button that is found at the bottom of the form.

Should you have problems submitting your data despite using the most recent version of Adobe Reader, please check that you have entered data in all required fields.

Please be aware that the configuration of your computer may also cause problems in some cases. If you have checked possible causes (reader version, required fields) and still every attempt to submit your data has failed, you might try submitting your application from behind a proxy-server (for example in a corporate environment). In this case, please contact your network administrator.

Your application is only complete if you ‘submit’ the application form as well as email it to us including all the required documents. This YouTube tutorial provides more information.

Application deadline


Who should I contact if I have any questions?

If at any time you have questions or concerns regarding the application process, we will be happy to guide you. Please contact:

Bettina Andersen
Erasmus Mundus Coordinator
Aarhus University, Denmark
Phone: +45 87 162025

Required application documents

Application form
Please download the appropriate PDF application form and save it on your computer before filling it in.
Please fill in the online application form and submit it online by clicking on the Submit button that is found at the bottom of the form. (Please be aware that it is necessary to use a current version of Adobe Reader to submit the application form.) After submitting the form you will receive a confirmation page with an ID-number. Please print out this confirmation page as well as the filled out application form. Sign the application and include the documents within the application package. The package should then be emailed to the appropriate address.

Academic documents
Please include all university transcripts and diplomas/certificates. Completed and official graduation certificates and transcripts of all previous colleges or university studies must be submitted. All transcripts or academic records must be official documents provided in the original language. If that language is not English, they must also be accompanied by certified translations. Applicants who are currently finishing a degree and haven’t yet received an official university graduation certificate are required to submit an official transcript for all semesters completed to the present time. Such students must also provide an official statement from their current university stating the expected date of graduation and degree to be awarded.

Journalistic documents

Proof of experience: In order to provide proof of your work as a professional journalist, a current or previous employer needs to supply a signed document that states the employment period.

Work samples: Please submit three articles or other samples of your journalistic work, preferably in English. You can include Internet addresses instead if your work is available on the web. Do not submit more than three articles or equivalent. If your samples are not in English, please include a short English summary (you are welcome to make that summary yourself). If your journalism work samples cannot be included in a PDF file (e.g. radio or TV samples on cd/dvd), please include detailed information on your samples. If needed the Mundus Consortium might ask you to forward these samples by postal mail.

Language documents

IELTS certificate or other documentation of language skills. Applicants whose native language is not English must provide original test scores for the IELTS (academic) English language test (we only accept IELTS tests). The minimum score required is 7.0. See the IELTS website at for details of test centres. Please include the test document with the application package instead of sending it directly to us. We will ask for the original documentation if you are offered enrolment.

DELE certificate or other documentation of Spanish language skills. Applicants interested in studying at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile must submit a Diploma de Español como Lengua Estranjera (DELE); the minimum requirement is level B2, see

Curriculum Vitae
Please provide us with a summary (max. 2 pages) of your educational and professional work experience, listing any special achievements or qualifications, and/or possible publications. For an example please see the Europass. Please note that we do NOT require a photo.

Academic and journalistic reference letters 
We require a minimum of two letters of recommendation. Preferably you should submit an academic reference, i.e. from a university official (e.g. dean, former professor, department head or faculty advisor) acquainted with your work, and one professional reference from a former employer.- Download sample letter of recommendation – academic- Download sample letter of recommendation – professional

Application essay
In order to learn more about you as a candidate, we’d like you to answer the following 4 questions. Though short, your answers will be evaluated not only on their content, but also on their writing style, quality, and clarity. Please include your answers to all four questions in one document, within your application packet.

1. Regarding your first-ranked specialism choice [either Business & Financial Journalism (London), War & Conflict (Swansea), Journalism & Media Across Cultures (Hamburg), or Media & Politics (Amsterdam)], how has your professional experience prepared you for this specialism? (200 words max)

2. How has your academic past prepared you for this specialism? (200 words max)

3. What do you hope to do in your future career, and how, concretely, do you think the program as a whole (both years 1 and 2) will help you achieve that goal? (200 words max)

4. Below are a few questions about the role and future of journalism and media in society. Please address one of the statements in a short essay (350 words max), in which you take a clear position and argue in support of it.

(a) What is the most important function of journalism in your country?

(b) What is the biggest threat to journalism in your country?

(c) How is technology changing the role of journalists in your country?

(d) What role should journalists and media professionals play in contemporary global issues, like the global economic crisis, international refugee crisis, or climate change? Please choose (only) one issue to discuss.

Documentation on your nationality/nationalities
We need copies of passport(s), proving nationality. If you have double citizenship, please include documentation for both.

Disabled applicants are encouraged to include as much information as possible regarding their needs with their application.

Application procedure

  1. Your application form MUST be completed on a computer and submitted electronically in order for it to be received by our database. To submit the form, click on the Submit button that is found at the bottom of the form. You will receive confirmation if your submission was successful. Do not fill in the application form by hand. Make sure that you include your correct e-mail address. Follow all the instructions carefully to ensure your application is correct and complete.
  2. Then, a print version of the application form and all the other documents must be combined into ONE PDF file. NB: The size of the PDF must not exceed 10 MB. Please find information on how to minimize the PDF size when scanning here.
  3. The name/title of the PDF file must be your full name and the application category (Category A, or Category B). For example: Hannah Maria Taylor – Category B.
  4. Please attach the PDF file to an e-mail, which should be sent to one of these e-mail addresses depending on your choice of specialism.
    • Media and Politics at University of Amsterdam, Netherlands –
    • Business and Financial Journalism at City University London, England -
    • Journalism and Media Across Cultures at University of Hamburg, Germany –
    • War and Conflict at Swansea University, Wales -

We will confirm that we have received your application by an auto-reply.

We look forward to receiving your application for admission to the Erasmus Mundus Master’s: Journalism, Media, and Globalisation!