Mundus Statement on Brexit

Following the outcome of the UK referendum on EU membership Henrik Bødker, Chair of the Mundus Journalism Board of Studies, has released the following statement:

2016.07.06 | Hannah Spyksma

Illustration by Chloe Fill for The Mundus Collective summer series on Brexit

"The result of the recent referendum in the UK in certain respects runs counter to what we have been working for within the Erasmus Mundus consortium for years. What long-term consequences the result will have for the collaboration with City University of London and Swansea University in the Erasmus Mundus consor­tium is, however, at this stage, unclear. In the short term, however, Swansea and City are both committed partners and will remain so until the expiry of the contract, which underpins the Mundus programme. Within that timeframe, current and future students will not be affected by the UK refer­endum.

The UK is still a member of the EU and the process of separation will take some time (probably 2-3 years). We are in contact with the EU with re­gard to this and will inform partners and students when we receive new and more detailed information when the actual separation is getting closer."

Click here to download the official statement.

All queries regarding Brexit and the Erasmus Mundus Master's in Journalism, Media and Globalisation should be addressed to Henrik Bødker, contact details supplied on the downloadable statement.