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We are launching an even stronger Mundus Journalism programme

Since we have now built solid foundations of infrastructure, governance and academic expertise and seen the graduation of 1000 students since 2005, the time has come for us to launch an even stronger programme.

The Mundus Consortium is welcoming a number of prestigious new universities to the programme. They will each bring new strengths and perspectives and help us put together a more comprehensive offering for our students, meaning that we can ensure that our programme remains a premium brand for all involved.

We have always built our programme according to contemporary perspectives, and we have now further refined our curricula based on extensive community feedback to ensure that Mundus Journalism graduates are the best equipped to uphold the highest possible standards for global journalism.

All of this means that our Mundus Journalism website will be under development during the next couple of months to reflect all of the ongoing changes to the new study programme. For all of those wishing to apply this year, the application requirements and deadline (10 January 2020) will follow the same procedure as in the previous call for applications, and this information is already available for you, here.

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Why choose Mundus Journalism?

The Mundus Journalism study programme gives you state-of-the-art insights into the current topics within journalism, media and globalisation. The curriculum combines academic, theoretical knowledge with journalistic skills to improve your ability to analyse, interpret and understand the global changes that increasingly challenge traditional boundaries between media, politics, technology, and culture. All in all, the programme prepares you to work practically towards improving and maintaining the societal and cultural legitimacy of journalism globally.

A vibrant and international community

Join the Mundus Journalism programme to engage with peers and staff from more than 100 countries across the globe in an ambitious, interdisciplinary and multicultural environment. The Erasmus Mundus Journalism master's degree offers you a truly unique and international educational experience. At Mundus Journalism, you will study at leading universities in at least two European countries, work with top researchers in media studies, political science and journalism, and gain an outstanding professional network for life.

Customise your Mundus Journalism degree

Year 1
All students spend the first year of the master’s degree in Aarhus, Denmark studying at both Aarhus University - taught by faculty from the Department of Political Science and the Department of Information and Media Studies - and the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

To enable you to customise your studies, you will have the opportunity, in the second semester, to choose between electives or practice your journalistic skills in an approved internship. Each year, a number of students will be selected to study their second semester at one of the following universities:

  • The University of California at Berkeley in USA
  • Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
  • University of Technology Sydney in Australia
  • Fudan University in Shanghai, China
  • University of Cape Town in South Africa
  • University of Hamburg in Germany

Year 2
In the second year, you will be able to specialise in the area of your choice to delve into field-specific topics and strengthen your reflexive journalism skills. You can choose to study in one of the following areas of journalism:

All courses offered at each university

Year 1
Study in Aarhus, Denmark
Aarhus University & the Danish Media and Journalism School
Semester 1
  • Identifying Global Challenges to Journalism
  • Researching Media and Journalism
Semester 2
  • Researching Society and Journalism
  • Electives
Second semester alternative
for selected students
Year 2
Choose your specialisation
University of Amsterdam
Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic

Swansea University
Wales, United Kingdom

City, University of London
United Kingdom
Politics & Communication Totalitarianism & Transition War & Security Business & Innovation
Semester 3 Semester 3Semester 3Semester 3
  • Journalism and the Media
  • Communicating Europe
  • Data Journalism
  • Methods and Statistics Tailored to the Thesis
  • Media in Post-Totalitarian
  • Contemporary History of Post-Totalitarian Countries
  • Audiovisual Journalism of the
    21st Century
  • Post-Digital Photojournalism
  • Master's Thesis Part 1
  • Reporting Global, Institutional and Individual Risk
  • Digital War
  • Journalism and Journalists: Conflict,
    Defence and Resolution
Courses on the Business & Innovation specialisation to
be finalised in the coming months.
Semester 4Semester 4Semester 4Semester 4
  • Elective
  • Master's Thesis
  • Foreign Correspondence
  • Master's Thesis Part 2
  • Master's Thesis
  • Master's Thesis

A strong career

Our alumni work in both journalism and communication, as well as in academia, and many build successful careers at some of the world's top media organisations - including London's Bloomberg, Beijing's Dow Jones, Nairobi's Radio Africa Group and New York's Al Jazeera offices. To find out more about the career paths open to you as a Mundus Journalism alumni, please visit our Alumni & Career pages.