We assist you at every step

We assist you at every step

We respond to all inquiries - mundusjournalism@au.dk - within 2-3 days

In the Mundus Journalism consortium we will do everything we can to make you feel welcome and make your cultural and educational transition to our universities as smooth as possible. At Aarhus University – where all students will start their Mundus programme – we have established a Service Centre. 

The Service Centre covers issues related to the academic programme, the application and selection procedure, language proficiency, visas and accommodation and any other issue you might have both before applying for the programme and after admission.

Student services:

Visa assistance for non-EU students

We will help you at every step of the visa process. Before course start in Aarhus you will receive all the needed visa documents and the International Centre will assist you if you should face any unexpected challenges. In the second semester staff from you specialisation university will assist you with the second visa.

Accommodation service

All universities offer accommodation assistance and at most universities there will be a housing service and a housing guarantee if the housing application is received before a certain deadline. You can choose to live in residences, in shared facility houses, or in rooms to sublet, according to your taste and financial situation.

Academic and student mentor

Before arrival in Aarhus you will be assigned a student mentor, a Danish student, who ensures that you are welcomed and settled into your accommodation and you will be assisted with both practical and social matters within the first weeks of study. Each university has dedicated Mundus Journalism staff, that will do coaching and counselling on academic and social matters.

Special Introduction programmes at each university

At each of our universities an introduction programme is arranged, introducing the Mundus group to the new university and the new study culture. The introduction programme includes a survival language course in the national language as well as an introduction to the academic programme, extracurricular activities and the various student support facilities.

Insurance scheme

The Mundus Consortium can assist you with an insurance scheme via MARSH insurance company that provides an Erasmus Mundus Insurance Scheme with worldwide coverage. The MARSH insurance covers incidents such as: hospital stay and cost of treatment for up to a year; urgent dental care; repatriation or medical transport; dispatch of medicines abroad; search and rescue costs; travel assistance; legal assistance; transport and accommodation costs for family members etc.

Newsletter and social networks

From you have been offered admission in March to course start in September you will receive a newsletter every month with information that is specifically targeted to prepare you for the transition to Aarhus university and course start in the Mundus Journalism programme.

We also arrange Facebook groups prior to course start, where you can share thoughts about planning the transition to a new university and city with students from the same region as you.

In August a Facebook group is set up for the whole group of new Mundus Journalism students. This platform creates a special network within the group prior to course start, so that students are already close acquaintances/colleagues/friends when they arrive in Aarhus. Each year some students have even been visiting each other in their home countries prior to course start. The mentor students are also connected to this fb-group, which means that the integration within the student community is also at an advanced level at course start.