Freja and Teke: The story behind the photo

Building this website has been a grassroots effort. To choose the homepage image, we went into our photo archive from the Mundus Journalism 10 year anniversary reunion in Amsterdam, 2015. Here, student Freja Eriksen tells us what was going on in this moment, where she was captured chatting with lecturer and alumnus Teke Ngomba.

2016.11.01 | Hannah Spyksma

"Someone caught us at a really nice moment, actually! Because, I was telling Teke that my group and I (four students from our cohort) had received the Connecting Continents grant from to write an investigative story about the electronic waste trade from Europe to Nigeria. Teke was so lovely and helped us edit our application during the summer, and I think it was much thanks to him that we got the grant, which we are now about to publish stories for." 

"I enjoyed the reunion a lot. As a current student it was just so great to see the other specialism students after the break, so I think we had a blast. It was great to meet graduates who had made it into the real world and to see all the cool things they were able to do upon graduating. 

"Right now I am in the last month of thesis writing in Hamburg. I am researching how inhabitants of Greenland’s capital Nuuk make sense of climate change through the media and their personal experience. From there on, I have no clue yet. Compared to my BA programme in Copenhagen, I think Mundus is a community that helps rather than competes with one another. Perhaps because our job market is not as small as the Danish one! But I have just enjoyed working with people with so many different perspectives, and hope that will continue once I graduate."

Thanks for letting us use this photo of you, Freja and Teke!

You can connect with Freja on twitter and LinkedIn, and learn more here about Teke and his Mundus journey

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