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The rich diversity of perspectives and knowledge students bring to the programme makes for a lively atmosphere on and off campus. Mundus Journalism students tend to be very self-motivated and get involved with a huge variety of projects both inside and outside of the universities.

Beyond this, student initiatives are as varied as the countries they come from. From radio stations to theatre groups, from competitive football teams to start-ups. The opportunities for interaction and idea development on the programme are limitless. You can read about the latest projects by our talented students below.

2018.12.17 |

Watch: The Mundus Journalism Experience

Our 2018-2020 Bluebook team asked their classmates to describe Mundus Journalism in one word. Here's what they have to say.

2018.12.07 |

Mundusian Guide to Living and Working in Swansea

In this guide, we cover topics like where to eat, shop and socialise in Swansea. We also provide helpful information about housing, working, living costs, visa, banks and health insurance.

2018.11.16 |

Jutland Station – A student driven, online, national news platform

As a Mundus Journalism student starting out in Aarhus, there is a plethora of options for you to flex your journalistic muscles and hone your skills alongside fellow students and seasoned editors. One of these options is Jutland Station, writes Gustav Højmark-Jensen.

Sabeen presenting at IAMCR 2018. Image/supplied.

2018.08.21 |

Presenting and funding research at an international conference: a student reflection

Sabeen Jamil, Mundus Journalism 2015-2017 cohort, presented her Master thesis at IAMCR 2018, in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Sabeen received a conference grant from Hamburg University. Here, she tells about her research, learnings from IAMCR and where to look for travel grants.

2018.05.17 |

Watch: An insider look at one of Europe's leading journalism industry events

A short video sharing a Mundusian perspective on a day spent networking at Google News Lab and European Journalism Centre's News Impact Summit in Brussels, December 2017.

2017.12.13 |

What's it like to work as a trainee at the European Parliament?

We asked three of our recent graduates to share some insight into their jobs.

2017.12.02 |

Bikings - Cycling like a Dane

Colombian student and broadcast journalist Estefanía Zárate Angarita made a short film about the experience of cycling in Aarhus. We asked her a few questions about her film, her experience as an international student in Denmark, and what got her on her career path to journalism and studying abroad.

She Shapes the City team photo, Aarhus. Supplied.

2017.08.31 |

She Shapes the City launches in Scandinavia

Opening as part of Aarhus Festuge in early September, She Shapes Aarhus is a multimedia, art-meets-journalism project celebrating women change-makers around the world. We talk to founder and Mundus student Cynara Vetch about bringing the project from Kenya to Denmark.

2017.01.23 |

Student Profile: Hannah Schifko

Building this website has been a grassroots effort. To the collect photos we put out a brief to students in each specialisation. Here, we share a small profile of the photojournalists whose pitches were successful.

2016.11.21 |

A new podcast for entrepreneurs

Two second-year students have joined forces with a university network in London to produce a business-oriented podcast.

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