Scholar report: Tom Morton

In this scholar report, Tom Morton, Associate Professor of Journalism, University of Technology Sydney, and Director of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, discusses his trip to Denmark and Germany, and his focus on radio journalism.

2013.04.30 | Hannah Spyksma

At the DMJX I gave a seminar on “Structure in Radio Documentaries” for the radio class taught by Annette Holm, and a seminar on investigative journalism for the Mundus Analytical Journalism course taught by Flemming Svith and Mark Schapiro. I also gave feedback on assignments for the course on Risk Reporting at DMJX.

I had formal meetings and informal discussions with Hans-Henrik Holm, Bettina Andersen & Henrik Bodker about the Mundus program and UTS Journalism’s involvement in it, and also with Per Jauert about the LARM project and research on the radio archive, a focus of my own research.

At the Institute for Journalism and Mass Communication Studies, University of Hamburg, I had very productive discussions with Professor Irene Neverla about my research on climate change, the global coal industry and anti-coal activism. I am now participating in a major international collaborative research project on this topic funded by the Australian Research Council, and will be producing a radio series and multimedia online documentary based on the research.

My Mundus scholarship helped me to substantially revise, modernize and internationalize my teaching of the subject Investigative Journalism at UTS, gave important new impulses to my research, and resulted in many new contacts and conversations in the very friendly and collegial atmosphere at DMJx and Hamburg.

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