Innovative research and industry links

The Mundus Journalism universities are all considered among the leading entities within the fields of journalism, political science, and communication & media studies. By working closely together, our staff reinterpret and combine their specific fields of expertise in new ways. This means that the Mundus Journalism programme is developed and structured by researchers with established international profiles and is continuously being evaluated and improved through close cooperation between all Mundus Journalism partners.

Mundus Journalism graduates also make significant contributions to comparative research and global journalism studies in a variety of settings. We believe that this success is the result of each partner focusing on research that feeds into the concerns of both academia and the industry and this, coupled with the continued focus on global processes, produces graduates with profiles that are uniquely tailored to the global media landscape.

Research-based teaching and learning is integrated into, and enhanced by, the exchange of knowledge and understanding between, on the one hand, researchers/lecturers and, on the other, students informed by a variety of cultural and practical experiences.

Students and researchers from the Consortium participate in various conferences, e.g. the International Communication Association (ICA), the International Association of Media and Communications Research, the European Communication and Education Research Association (ECREA), the World Journalism Education Congress, the European and Nordic Journalism Training Associations, the Journalism Education & Research Association of Australia and The Future of Journalism conference at Cardiff University.

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Quote from our recent alumni survey
The Mundus programme gave me an unparalleled opportunity to learn about and contribute to European social science research. The connections I made through the programme have already helped me to find career opportunities.