Website credits: A collaborative, grassroots effort

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new website and like any good Oscar speech - there are a few people to thank

2016.11.01 | Hannah Spyksma

Without a doubt developing this new, Mundus Journalism 2.0 website, has been a collaborative, grassroots effort. 

From the design, to the web development, to the stories and the photos and the layout and the content - we've drawn on our amazing and humbling network to really harness the synergy that Mundus Journalism has developed over the past 11 years and channel it into a website that we think reflects the global, connected and digital world we're part of. In the true spirit of this global journalism initiative we've also worked across timezones, languages, universities and oceans. It's an incredible feat and one we're so proud to share with you now.

To have made this happen, there are a few people that we'd like to acknowledge.

The website team:

  • Chloe fill, our designer, has done a stellar effort of taking the mundus journalism logo and evolving the entire brand into something fit for 2016. She's also given creative direction on the overall design and layout of the website, as well as customising images and diagrams for us where need be. Many, many thanks Chloe!
  • Michael and Radomir from Aarhus University's web team have provided technical and development support for the website, and answered countless emails from us along the way - your patience is appreciated!
  • Programme Coordinator Bettina Andersen and Alumna and social media coordinator Hannah Spyksma have been involved from the very start and have worked tirelessly on content, design, layout and overseeing the process - with the help of Student assitant Line Gullach - to bring this website together.

Photography and additional support:

  • Alumnus Fred Bonatto has overseen the creative direction for photography on the website - many thanks for your dedication to this! 
  • Students Giang Pham, Serla Rusli, Teresa Weikmann, Haseena Manek, Szilárd Burján and Hannah Schifko have all captured their experiences of Mundus Journalism for us in photos. We are enormously grateful for your images and so proud of your work! 
  • Pedro Barreto has provided us support with writing about London, from his experiences as a student there. 
  • Our home page 'models' are student Freja Erikson and Assistant Professor and alumnus Teke Jacob Ngomba - we love this photo and what it represents
  • Alumnus Luis Manuel Gil's instagram photo also makes a cameo on our front page - thanks for sharing, Luis!
  • To everyone who we've missed but who has also given feedback and support along the way, it has been a huge help and hasn't gone unnoticed, thank you. 

And finally, thank you to our consortium partners - particularly Henrik Bødker and Inger Munk who have overseen the project from it's initial development: It's a pleasure to continue working on evolving Mundus Journalism with you all. Onwards!


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