Student Showcase - Hamburg students on the Multimedia Storytelling Seminar pubish stories on ‘Heimat'

Students in Hamburg publish their 'Heimat - stories from Hamburg' - a collection of multimedia stories that explore the meaning of home.

2019.08.01 | Sabeen Jamil

Great things happen when you put together a group of Mundus students who are away from home. Not only can they tell stories like no other, they're also taught the multimedia skills to share those stories. Heimat- stories found in Hamburg is just one example of what Mundus Journalism students are capable of. 

'Heimat - stories found in Hamburg' is a project developed by Mundus Journalism students who attended the Multimedia Storytelling Seminar in winter semester in Hamburg. The course was taught by Mundus Journalism teachers Nea Matzen and Bettina Schütz who guided students on how to create  journalistic stories for online platforms by combining audio, video and text.

In the semester-long course, students created multimedia stories around the topic of heimat which is the German language word for home or feeling of home. Heimat stories are about the lives of international people who have settled in Hamburg.

Through topics of food, sports, visa issues and challenges of expat life, the heimat stories talk about what home means and how people give meaning to the idea of home. 'Heimat - stories found in Hamburg' is online now, click here to read them.

Tags: multimedia journalism, home, journalistic work, practical journalism