Renowned Professor Retires

After 10 years serving the Mundus Journalism programme, founding staff member and Chair of the Board Hans-Henrik Holm is stepping down. He is replaced at the start of this year by another long-serving Mundusian, Associate Professor Henrik Bødker, whom we warmly welcome to the team.

2016.01.07 | Hannah Spyksma

Hans Henrik Holm speaking at the Mundus Journalism 10 year anniversary reunion, Amsterdam 2015

It's fair to say that Hans-Henrik will be missed just as much as he's expressed his enjoyment for being involved with Mundus Journalism over the years. From initial discussions about the concept to founding and starting it, to helping write a UNESCO guide to journalism studies based on the Mundus Journalism programme, to ensuring board meetings run smoothly, to welcoming new students to Aarhus every year, Hans-Henrik's impact on the programme is endless. 

We asked Professor Kevin Williams, outgoing programme coordinator at Swansea University and long serving Mundus Journalism Board member, to share a few words about working with Hans-Henrik over the years;

"Hans Henrik stands out as a beacon of innovation and energy in the midst of the instinctive cautiousness of Danish society. His ability to open doors and windows and breathe fresh air into meetings which have concentrated on what cannot be done marks him out from most other academics. 

A forensic intellect, a keen observer of the nature of human dynamics and an ability to laugh in the midst of almost every set of circumstances are amongst his strengths. He could even see the bright side of eating borsch for breakfast for the umpteenth time during the political communication course we taught together in eastern Ukraine. 

It is above all his capacity to get things done that distinguishes him. This is due to his ability to get on with people from every walk of life, maintain critical friendships and not jump to conclusions – he knows that things are not often what they appear to be. 

I have collaborated in numerous joint degree schemes with him from the heady days of the European Journalism Masters that brought students from all over the world to Cardiff, Arhus and Utrecht through to the EU-US exchange programmes which introduced European students to American culture and Dollywood and American students to Northern European winters and Legoland to the Erasmus Mundus programme. 

This programme reflects his vision and his hard work in overcoming the vast array of problems that the different educational cultures of Europe throw up – and his ability to skilfully avoid becoming entangled in issues such as marking schemes and grade conversions which have been the ‘death’ of some of his colleagues!

He will missed in many respects not least in his ability to chair Mundus Journalism Board meetings, which without his firm hand at the tiller could have gone on for days – or even weeks!"    

- On behalf of all the Mundus Journalism staff and students we wish you well for your retirement, Hans-Henrik!