Yohan Lee publishes two-part collection of his own poetry

Yohan Lee is currently writing his thesis for the Journalism Across Cultures specialisation at Hamburg University, he's also just published a two-part collection of his own poetry.

2019.06.30 | Sabeen Jamil

Yohan Lee, Mundus student and poet

Something fell off the shelf

It’s shattered.

That me is no more.


Poems From The Musing:Out From The Lee, Yohan Lee.



Meet Yohan Lee. He is a student on our Journalism Across Cultures specialisation at Hamburg University and has recently published a remarkable two-part collection of his poems. Yohan’s Poems From The Musing and Poems From The Musing: Out From The Lee talk about high school bullying, community violence, homophobia and gender-based discrimination in his home country of Jamaica.

Growing up, school was a real battle for Yohan where he faced sexual discrimination and bullying from students and teachers alike. “I never talked about my experiences and the thoughts that I had. Instead, I wrote poems.” Yohan’s poems at that time reflected his own experiences and experiences of others like him in Jamaica that he observed as a bystander.“So much was happening to me everyday and writing about it was my way of coping with it.”

Everyday it is something

Some days rocks, others, words.

Poems From The Musing, Yohan Lee.

What started as a coping mechanism for Yohan in 2005 in Jamaica, is now two collections of 180+ poems published in May 2019.“With the help of my partner, I published my poems in two volumes with each volume representing the different phases of my life in Jamaica and in Europe."

Yohan’s Poems From The Musing captures the pain and hate that summed up his life in Jamaica. Poems From The Musing:Out From The Lee talks of how his life changed when the Mundus Journalism programme offered him a scholarship. This opportunity made it possible for Yohan to leave Jamaica and make a new life in Europe.

Survival often comes wrapped up in migration

And a tired prey will seldom choose nation.

Tersely, it is about safety…

Poems From The Musing:Out From The Lee, Yohan Lee.



Published by Kindle Amazon, Yohan’s collections of poems is receiving appreciation from readers in Japan, Germany, Canada, Jamaica and USA.

“In my first month, I sold double digits of copy. It is more than I expected.”

What next? Yohan is currently writing his Master thesis on online hate speech. Once he graduates, he plans on writing stories for children.“Children can be very cruel sometimes and can hurt people. I want to transfer the idea as to how to be kind to others who may be different.”

Yohan has recently finished an internship at UNESCO UIL and other than writing books, is hoping to build a career in communications after graduation.

Click here to get your hands on your own copy of Yohan’s collections of poems.

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