Digital Journalist, Business Reporter and Communications Volunteer - Estefanía Zárate and her journey after Mundus!

When it comes to life goals and conquering challenges, there is no stopping Estefanía Zárate! This multi-talented broadcast journalist from Colombia graduated from our London specialization last year (2016-2018), here she shares her post-Mundus journey.

2019.09.23 | Sabeen Jamil

Within one year of graduating, Estefanía is hosting her own YouTube show in Denmark, is working as a budding freelancer and has just been elected as the Head of Communications and IT unit in the Erasmus Mundus Association.

Say hello to Estefanía!

In Colombia, Estefania performed live television for an audience of 13+ million people covering social and economic issues. From live television to a business journalism degree and now her own online show, what brought Estefanía to the Mundus Journalism Programme?

“It was not random that I did business and financial journalism in London- I went to this specialism because I wanted to do business journalism and be able to talk intelligently when I interview these people (businessmen and women).”

After London, Estefanía moved back to Aarhus and looked for opportunities through which she could combine her experience in broadcast journalism with her learnings from the Mundus Journalism Programme and her knowledge of marketing and technology.

Combining journalism and marketing

“I have always had a very strong belief in combining journalism and marketing and I wanted to use the things that I learnt in the Mundus”-hence was produced “The Digital Transformation Show”

Together with a fellow journalist Edyta in Aarhus, Estefanía is producing a series of video interviews with the CEOs and professionals from the digital transformati

on companies in Denmark. In these interviews she talks with her participants about technological developments like artificial intelligence, blockchain, fintech, business disruption and innovation. These interviews are then published on multiple online platforms including the duo’s YouTube channel ‘Love Aarhus TV’ and on their LinkedIn pages. 

Launched in August, the show has been an instant hit with its target audience in Denmark with the first episode going online in August- Estefanía has been contacted by many professionals in Denmark and London to be featured in the show. For Estefanía using data analysis and SEO optimization to reach out to the audience was the key to getting noticed.

Doing things "the Danish way"

“The Danish way of doing things is a bit personal and closer to network. Everything in Denmark is about networking.” Using her observation about Danish work environment, Estefania reached out to her targeted audience of business professionals on Linkedin where there are about 2.5 million active users from Denmark.

“I grew my network of CEOs, of B2B startups and once i built a good thousand connections... I started improving my LinkedIn presence.” To increase visibility for the show, Estefanía used her information about SEO optimization when creating videos and text for each of her targeted platform eventually driving traffic to her own website. This is a  classic example of how Mundus Journalism students combine the learnings in the two year degree programme with innovation to create content for changing technologies and trends.

What’s next for Estefanía?

“If things go well, I will do a global show on digital transformation. My goal is to be eventually the digital nomad- I am striving to achieve that flexibility, having that  time management possibilities that allow you to work from anywhere.The show is a part of that strategy. It connects me to interesting people and it sits me one-on-one with the CEOs of the company that I would want to work with someday.”

Watch the latest episode of ‘The Digital Transformation Show’ here.

Fancy chat with Estefanía? Message her and let her know what you think of her show :)