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2019.08.01 | Students

Student Showcase - Hamburg students on the Multimedia Storytelling Seminar pubish stories on ‘Heimat'

Students in Hamburg publish their 'Heimat - stories from Hamburg' - a collection of multimedia stories that explore the meaning of home.

Anna Ferrari, Mundus Journalism graduate 2017

2019.07.29 | Society and politics

Anna Ferrari on connecting journalism to the politics of the European Union

In today's Mundus Monday alumni profile, Anna Ferrari, a graduate from the Amsterdam specialization talks about why it is important to connect journalism to the European Union politics and how journalists can better report on the European Union Issues.

2019.07.15 | Students, Mundus Journalism, Future students

Seeing the Mundus Journey through the lens of a Mundus student

He Zhang (2017-2019 cohort) is a budding photographer who has captured his journey through the Mundus Journalism programme. Here, he takes us through the moments that made his Mundus Journey special.

Yohan Lee, Mundus student and poet

2019.06.30 | Students, Mundus Journalism

Yohan Lee publishes two-part collection of his own poetry

Yohan Lee is currently writing his thesis for the Journalism Across Cultures specialisation at Hamburg University, he's also just published a two-part collection of his own poetry.

Egypt Today editor Yasmine Hassan in Paris.

2019.04.23 | Student Showcase, Collaborations

Egypt Today publishes 'Mundus Edition' travel stories

Long weekends around Europe have turned into feature writing opportunities for a few intrepid Mundus Journalism students.

Lisa Lechner, Lars Svensmark and Miriam Karout. Image: Fullbright Commission Belgium.

2019.04.18 | News, Student Showcase

Young scholars report on media literacy and misinformation

Three Mundus Journalism students recently attended a US-EU young scholars seminar. Here, they share some of their observations and key takeaway points from the three-day event.

2019.04.01 | Students, Alumni, PhD students

Irene Broer on Gute Leute, crowdfunding and starting a PhD

Irene Broer talks about Gute Leute Magazine collaboration with Mundus Journalism, running crowdfunding campaigns and working as a freelancer.

Aggelos Andreou. Image: Supplied

2019.03.26 | Alumni

Aggelos Andreou on addressing radicalisation in the EU

In this alumni profile, we talk with Greek investigative journalist Aggelos Andreou about his recently awarded fellowship with the Resonant Voices, where he'll be addressing far right extremism and radicalisation of 'patriots' in Europe.

Lisa Urlbauer in New York during her internship for the Solutions Journalism Network.

2019.03.11 | Student Showcase, News, Collaborations

Lisa Urlbauer on a solutions focus for journalism

Meet Lisa Urlbauer, a current Mundus Journalism student in Amsterdam who recently finished an internship in the US with the Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) – an organisation committed to improving journalism around the world through teaching media professionals the art of reporting “the whole story” through free training and resources on what…

2019.02.25 | Alumni

Alex Westcott Campbell on academic publishing, open access and digitisation

In this alumni profile, we talk to Alex Westcott Campbell about her career as a Publishing Editor at Springer Nature, the future of open access publishing, and the scope of digitisation in academic research.

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