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2020.11.30 | News

A Mundusian Guide to living, studying and working in Aarhus

In this guide, we cover topics like where to eat, shop and socialise in Aarhus. Keywords: nature, culture and fun! We also provide helpful information about working, living costs, visa and health insurance.

2020.11.20 | Students

First weeks as a Mundus Student in Aarhus: international, exhilarating and challenging

First city you will explore as a Mundus student: Aarhus! Today we take a look at how the first weeks as a Mundusian feel like for some of the current first-year students. Remember: adaptation and open-mindness are key!

2020.11.17 | Staff

New programme, same values: a chat with the Head of the Board of Studies Penny Sheets Thibaut

Since 2020, Mundus Journalism has undergone some changes regarding the curriculum and the opportunities it offers students from all across the globe. In this interview, Penny Sheets Thibaut gives a special insight on the process of designing the new programme and adapting it to the fast-paced and constantly-changing international journalism…

Some Mundusians from 19-21 cohort getting to know each other at Aarhus Street Food before classes started.

2020.11.10 | Future students, Students

“Challenging and fascinating”: why students and journalists from all over the world choose Mundus Journalism programme

Since applications just opened, we asked Mundusians why they chose to apply to Mundus Journalism and what made this programme stand out among others - let’s hear their stories!

Paulette Desormeaux is an Award Winning Investigative Journalist and Hamburg alumna.

2020.10.12 | Graduate Profiles

Paulette Desormeaux on Investigative Journalism in Chile

In this interview, we speak to Award Winning Investigative Journalist and Hamburg alumna Paulette (2008-2010) about her career in Investigative Journalism in Latin America and how investigative news can stay relevant in the age of clickbait journalism and fake news.

Jeremy Rue, Associate Dean of Berkeley School of Journalism speaking to Mundus students on Zoom

2020.09.29 | Collaborations

Back to school with online guest lectures: Online Investigative Journalism and Responsible Pandemic Reporting

Jeremy Rue (Berkeley School of Journalism) and Catriona Bonfiglioli (University of Technology Sydney), unable to go on their habitual spring trip to Aarhus because of the pandemic, held two guest lectures via Zoom for Mundus students and alumni in August.

Alison Haywood works as a Content Manager for Faktor 3 AG in Hamburg.

2020.08.10 | Alumni

Alison Haywood on building a career in Content Management and the future of jobs post Covid19

In this interview, Alison, a Hamburg graduate (2012-2014) and Content Manager at a PR agency, talks about her career in Marketing and PR and how the pandemic has changed her line of work.

2020.06.23 | Students

Mundusian Guide to living and studying in Berkeley, California

Need some help wrapping your head around life in California at one of the world’s best Journalism schools? This guide will help you figure out the what and how and provide helpful information about course options, living costs, the Berkeley vibe, visa and health insurance.

Isabelle leaving the newsroom of a Berlin local tabloid by Axel Springer with the obligatory face mask. Photo taken by Isabelle Bonenkamp.

2020.05.28 | Graduate

Mundusians under the Covid-19 Lockdown: Part 10 - Isabelle Bonenkamp

Welcome to the tenth and final interview in our series about Mundusians under the Covid-19 shutdown. Today, we say hello to alumna - Isabelle Bonenkamp in Berlin.

Amélie in her home office.

2020.05.26 | Graduate Profiles

Mundusians under the Covid-19 Lockdown: Part 9 - Amélie Drouet

Welcome to the ninth interview in our series about Mundusians under the Covid-19 shutdown. Today, we say hello to alumna - Amélie Drouet who is based in Aarhus.

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