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Johannes Perterer in his home office.

2020.04.28 | Graduate Profiles

Mundusians under the Covid-19 Lockdown: Part 3 - Johannes Perterer

Welcome to the third interview in our series about Mundusians under the Covid-19 Shutdown. Today, we say hello to Johannes Perterer (2013-2015) who shares his lockdown experience from Austria.

Claudia takes a selfie behind her dad’s old working desk in her old play room now temporary office.

2020.04.23 | Alumni, Student Showcase, Graduate Profiles

Mundusians under the Covid-19 Lockdown: Part 2 - Claudia De Meulemeester

Join us for the second interview in our series about Mundusians under the Covid-19 Shutdown. Today, we say hello to Claudia De Meulemeester (2014-2016) who shares her lockdown experience from Belgium.

Sarah B Haider is working from home in Karachi, Pakistan.

2020.04.21 | Alumni, Graduate Profiles

Mundusians under the Covid-19 Lockdown: Part 1 - Sarah B. Haider

Join us for the first interview in our series about Mundusians under the Covid-19 Shutdown. Today, we say hello to Sarah B. Haider (2016-2018) who shares her lockdown experience in Karachi, Pakistan.

Julia Mandil (2014-2016) is working as the Program Manager for Next Media Accelerator in Hamburg.

2020.03.23 | Student Showcase

Julia Mandil on starting a career in communications and managing media startups

In this alumni interview, we talk to our Hamburg alumna Julia Mandil (2014-2016) about her career as a communication and management professional at the Next Media Accelerator(NMA). Here, Julia gives us a peek into her career in the startup world and the current trends for the media businesses in Europe.

John Silk, Cherie Chan and Eddy Micah Junior (from left to right) at the Mundus Vision Corner event in Hamburg.

2020.02.26 | Student Showcase, Alumni, Graduate Profiles

Mundus Alumni meet to share tips on how to start a career at Deutsche Welle

At the recent Mundus Vision Corner session, in Hamburg, alumni working at Deutsche Welle talked about experiences and skills that landed them a job at the German public broadcaster.

2020.02.18 | Alumni

Mundus Journalism receives nearly 400 applications for 2020-2022 intake

Mundus Journalism is delighted to announce that we have received nearly 400 applications, from applicants from 89 different countries, for our 2020-2022 intake of students. 

Dr. Monika Pater is working on a research project that will tell us more about what Mundusians do after the programme.

2020.01.28 | Staff

Monika Pater on Understanding Mundusians' Life Choices and Career Decisions After Mundus Journalism

Dr. Monika Pater, who teaches on the Hamburg specialisation, shares insights from her ongoing research project to identify factors that are instrumental in Mundus Journalism students’ life choices, career and migration decisions.

The Nordic Youth Media Days will take place in Copenhagen this year from the 15th - 19th April, applications are open until 15th January.

2020.01.08 | Alumni, Target groups

Mie Olsen on why you should apply for the Nordic Youth Media Days

Mundus alumna Mie Olsen graduated from our London specialisation in 2018. Here she tells us why she got involved with planning the Nordic Youth Media Days, and why you should apply to take part this year.

Filip Láb is the Erasmus Mundus Journalism coordinator at Charles University

2020.01.07 | Future students

Filip Láb on Charles University's new specialisation 'Totalitarianism and Transition'

Charles University, Prague joined the Mundus Consortium this year! So, this is the first time that applicants can apply to study in Prague for their second year! To find out more about our new partner - Charles University, the faculty of social sciences and the new course on offer, we sat down with Filip Láb - the Erasmus Mundus Journalism…

Teresa Weikmann recently joined the University of Amsterdam as a Lecturer at the College of Communication.

2019.12.19 | Mundus Journalism, Alumni, News

Teresa Weikmann on how to publish your Master’s Thesis in a peer reviewed journal

Teresa Weikmann - Mundus alumna and teacher at the University of Amsterdam - shares tips on how students can publish their research in accredited research journals.

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