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Below you can find a selection of stories and profiles that explore experiences, trace career paths and impart wisdom from our alumni who live and work all over the globe. We would love to make a portrait of each and every one of our 500+ alumni and this is something we're working on. If you would like to talk to us about being profiled, or want to suggest an alumni that we should profile, please contact us

2017.09.12 |

Alumnus produces Emmy nominated Netflix docu

A looming thesis deadline, several trips around Europe while studying abroad and a stop over in Italy have - several years later - led an alumnus to produce a documentary for Netflix and secure an Emmy nomination.

2017.06.07 |

Former Mundusians at the Forefront of Visual Media Revolution

The face of digital media is rapidly evolving, and a group of Mundus Journalism alumni are leading the charge.

2017.03.27 |

piqd: 'Like the start up version of our studies'

We are so exited to share that Frederik Fischer (Mundus Journalism alumne 2009-11) has launched a new start up - CONGRATULATIONS! Please find an introduction and a call for contributors below:

2017.02.15 |

Exclusive networking platform launches

Lundus, an online professional networking platform developed for and by Mundus Journalism alumni, is now available to use.

Assistant Professor Scott Eldridge II, co-editor of the The Routledge Companion to Digital Journalism Studies

2016.11.03 |

Alumnus co-edits new Companion to Digital Journalism Studies

The new book features 58 essays, including several from Mundus Journalism staff and alumni - and is co-edited by a graduate of the Hamburg specialisation.

2016.11.01 |

Freja and Teke: The story behind the photo

Building this website has been a grassroots effort. To choose the homepage image, we went into our photo archive from the Mundus Journalism 10 year anniversary reunion in Amsterdam, 2015. Here, student Freja Eriksen tells us what was going on in this moment, where she was captured chatting with lecturer and alumnus Teke Ngomba.

FemMap logo

2016.10.15 |

Innovative mapping project documents feminist activity around the world

Following the success of Juliana Guarany's bid for a German Chancellor Fellowship, we see how her project has developed - and how it's led to a student/graduate collaboration.

2016.09.01 |

Scholar report: Paulette Desormeaux Parra

Alumna and now lecturer at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Paulette Desormeaux Parra, reports on her scholar exchange to London and Amsterdam, where she focused on networking for her investigative journalism projects.

A passion palpable in tears // Fred Bonatto

2016.02.22 |

Deconstructing the ‘visionary’ in journalism

Following an emotional reunion of media professionals from around the world, Photojournalist and 2013-2015 alumnus Fred Bonatto reflects on what it means to practice good journalism in a globalised, networked society.

2016.02.01 |

Alumni Profile: Ines Dref

In this alumni profile student Alison Hayward speaks to alumna and Hamburg guest lecturer Ines Drefs about why, since graduating in 2009, she's kept returning to the north of Germany.

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