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Below you can find a selection of stories and profiles that explore experiences, trace career paths and impart wisdom from our alumni who live and work all over the globe. We would love to make a portrait of each and every one of our 500+ alumni and this is something we're working on. If you would like to talk to us about being profiled, or want to suggest an alumni that we should profile, please contact us

Picture taken by Galia Guajardo ('19-'21 cohort)

2020.12.12 |

A Mundusian Guide to living, studying and working in Amsterdam

In this guide, we cover topics like where to eat, shop and socialise in Amsterdam. We also provide helpful information about housing, working, living costs, visa, banks and health insurance.

Alison Haywood works as a Content Manager for Faktor 3 AG in Hamburg.

2020.08.10 |

Alison Haywood on building a career in Content Management and the future of jobs post Covid19

In this interview, Alison, a Hamburg graduate (2012-2014) and Content Manager at a PR agency, talks about her career in Marketing and PR and how the pandemic has changed her line of work.

Claudia takes a selfie behind her dad’s old working desk in her old play room now temporary office.

2020.04.23 |

Mundusians under the Covid-19 Lockdown: Part 2 - Claudia De Meulemeester

Join us for the second interview in our series about Mundusians under the Covid-19 Shutdown. Today, we say hello to Claudia De Meulemeester (2014-2016) who shares her lockdown experience from Belgium.

Sarah B Haider is working from home in Karachi, Pakistan.

2020.04.21 |

Mundusians under the Covid-19 Lockdown: Part 1 - Sarah B. Haider

Join us for the first interview in our series about Mundusians under the Covid-19 Shutdown. Today, we say hello to Sarah B. Haider (2016-2018) who shares her lockdown experience in Karachi, Pakistan.

John Silk, Cherie Chan and Eddy Micah Junior (from left to right) at the Mundus Vision Corner event in Hamburg.

2020.02.26 |

Mundus Alumni meet to share tips on how to start a career at Deutsche Welle

At the recent Mundus Vision Corner session, in Hamburg, alumni working at Deutsche Welle talked about experiences and skills that landed them a job at the German public broadcaster.

Teresa Weikmann recently joined the University of Amsterdam as a Lecturer at the College of Communication.

2019.12.19 |

Teresa Weikmann on how to publish your Master’s Thesis in a peer reviewed journal

Teresa Weikmann - Mundus alumna and teacher at the University of Amsterdam - shares tips on how students can publish their research in accredited research journals.

2019.12.09 |

Aaron McKinnon on making a career in Science Communication at the European Commission

After graduating from Hamburg specialisation in 2018, Aaron McKinnon launched his career as a Science Communication Supervisor at European Commission's Joint Research Centre in Italy. In this interview, Aaron tells Mundus Journalism how combining knowledge from the worlds of social sciences and communication with science is creating more…

Rabiu Alhassan Mundus Journalism alumnus and founder of GhanaFact.

2019.11.25 |

Rabiu Alhassan on founding a fact-checking agency in Ghana

Fresh out of graduating from the Mundus Journalism programme in London this year, Rabiu launched straight into setting up a fact-checking organisation in Accra, Ghana. Here we talk to him about his Mundus experience and his goals for GhanaFact and the 2020 elections in Ghana.

2019.09.23 |

Digital Journalist, Business Reporter and Communications Volunteer - Estefanía Zárate and her journey after Mundus!

When it comes to life goals and conquering challenges, there is no stopping Estefanía Zárate! This multi-talented broadcast journalist from Colombia graduated from our London specialization last year (2016-2018), here she shares her post-Mundus journey.

Aggelos Andreou. Image: Supplied

2019.03.26 |

Aggelos Andreou on addressing radicalisation in the EU

In this alumni profile, we talk with Greek investigative journalist Aggelos Andreou about his recently awarded fellowship with the Resonant Voices, where he'll be addressing far right extremism and radicalisation of 'patriots' in Europe.

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