Specialists in every field

Specialists in every field

It is crucial to the success of the Mundus Journalism programme that there is an extremely high level of commitment from both the academic and the administrative staff at all universities, who all embrace the challenge of an interdisciplinary and intercultural teaching and learning environment. 

Aarhus University

Staff at Aarhus University, a top-100 ranked university, come from the Media and Journalism Department within the School of Communication and Culture, as well as from the Department of Political Science, within the School of Business and Social Sciences. All teaching staff are research engaged, with research interests as varied as international relations and public policy, political election coverage in Denmark and abroad, youth cultures, lifestyle journalism, international media perceptions of Africa. 

Bettina Andersen

Special Consultant, Mundus Journalism Programme Coordinator

P +4587162025

Mette Skak 

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science 

Tonny Brems Knudsen

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

Henrik Bødker

Head of the Board of Studies, Associate Professor, School of
Communication and Culture 

P +4587162002

Teke Jacob Ngomba

Associate Professor, School of Communication and Culture

Morten Brænder

Centre Director for Centre for University Studies in Journalism. Associate Professor, Department of Political Science


Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX)

DMJX is a renowned, highly competitive j-school. So most staff come from backgrounds specific to journalism and media and have expertise as a practitioner too. As well as being experts in their academic fields, staff are normally involved with several innovative and collaborative projects at anyone time - including international partnerships with other j-schools around the world. DMJX is also home to Scandinavia's largest academic publishing house focusing on media and journalism, Ajour. 

Inger Munk 

Director DMJX International/Consortium
Coordinator Mundus
P +4589440320 

Flemming Tait Svith

Associate professor

Roger Buch



University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most prominent research-led universities. It is a modern institution with a long and rich history dating from 1632. Teaching at the UvA’s Communication Science department is organized under the College of Communication for undergraduate education, and the Graduate School of Communication for graduate programs. The Graduate School offers several master’s programs in both Dutch and English language—including the Erasmus Mundus specialisation “Media and Politics”—as well as a PhD programme.

Nhu Ngan Trang

Erasmus Mundus Journalism coordinator & advisor

Yael Woortman-de Haan

Lecturer, Political Communication

Andreas Schuck

Associate Professor, Political Communication

Knut De Swert 

Lecturer, Political Communication

Mark Boukes 

Postdoctoral researcher 

Claes de Vreese

Professor and Chair of Political Communication

Penny Sheets

Assistant Professor, Political Communication

Damian Trilling 

Assistant Professor, Political Communication

Edith Smit 

Director of the Graduate School of Communication &
Professor of
Persuasive Communication


University of Hamburg

The University of Hamburg was established by the federal city state Hamburg in 1919. With approximately 39,900 students, the University of Hamburg is one of the largest educational and research institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany. It offers degrees on all levels. 

Monika Pater

Assistant professor, Journalism studies

Wiebke Loosen

Professor and Senior researcher at the Hans Bredow Institute and lecturer

Imke Hoppe

Research Associate (Postdoc)

Bettina Schütz

Journalist/Author/Visiting lecturer

Sabine Hoffkamp

Student advisor and administration manager

Shameem Mahmud

Research Associate (Postdoc)

Nea Matzen

Journalist with ARD Aktuell, a specialist on online journalism and

visiting lecturer


City, University of London

City, University of London was granted a royal charter in 1966, based on its reputation as a centre for professional education dating back to 1894. Founded to provide technical education for the science-based crafts and trades of Clerkenwell and Islington, the university has expanded into areas such as management and finance, informatics, health and social sciences, journalism and the performing arts.

James Rodgers

Senior Lecturer, Department of Journalism 

Tom Felle

Lecturer, Department of Journalism 

Orla Ryan 

Visiting lecturer

Neil Hodgkins 

School Registrar, Department of Journalism

Jane Singer

Professor, Department of Journalism 


Swansea University 

Swansea University was established by Royal Assent (as University College of Swansea) in 1920. The University offers degrees at undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research level. Located just three hours from London, Swansea University, located in south-west Wales, UK, is a top 30 UK research institution. 

Richard Thomas

Senior Lecturer & Programme Director

Huw Morris

Director of Academic
Partnerships Directorate

Chas Critcher 

Visiting Professor in Media and Communications at
Swansea University

William Merrin

Associate Professor in Media and Communications, Department of
Political and Cultural Studies

Gaynor Bracchi

Academic administrator