At all levels and in all directions

At all levels and in all directions

Collaboration leads to innovation, engagement, creativity, and fulfillment. Collaboration within Mundus Journalism takes place at all levels and in all directions: between staff at all the different universities, among students and between students, staff and alumni. The Mundus family – as we call ourselves – also connect and collaborate with the media world across the globe.

In order to facilitate collaboration, the Mundus Journalism Consortium supports an interchange of knowledge and cooperative research between the Consortium's institutions via staff exchange and staff visits. In our Staff section you can read reports related to this activity. Our student and alumni further form a unique network that has created projects across borders and year groups.

How we collaborate:

2018.11.16 |

Jutland Station – A student driven, online, national news platform

As a Mundus Journalism student starting out in Aarhus, there is a plethora of options for you to flex your journalistic muscles and hone your skills alongside fellow students and seasoned editors. One of these options is Jutland Station, writes Gustav Højmark-Jensen.

2018.11.11 |

Journalists launch multimedia reporting project Capoeira Congo

Fabíola Ortiz and Flavio Forner have just launched the website for their innovative, award winning reporting Capoeira Congo. In this feature Fabíola explains just what it took to bring this ambitious, award-winning project to life - and she shares how she juggled her travels to the Democratic Republic of Congo alongside her Mundus Journalism…

Mundus alumni meet in Hamburg. Photo: Sabine Hoffkamp

2018.08.06 |

Mundus Vision Corner kicks of in Hamburg

Mundus Journalism has an impressive network of 500+ alumni. To connect some of these people, our Hamburg Specialism has started a series of networking sessions for those based in Northern Europe. Here is what happened at the kick off meeting of Mundus Vision Corner in July.

2018.05.17 |

Watch: An insider look at one of Europe's leading journalism industry events

A short video sharing a Mundusian perspective on a day spent networking at Google News Lab and European Journalism Centre's News Impact Summit in Brussels, December 2017.

2018.01.29 |

Successful first Research Workshop in Amsterdam

After an intense day of presentations, comments and vivid discussions, Mundusians wrapped up the first Erasmus Mundus Journalism Research Workshop at the University of Amsterdam.

2017.10.24 |

Mundus Journalism in support of calls for investigation following Journalist's death

Alumni are rallying together to demand justice following the death of their classmate's mother, panama papers investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

2017.09.29 |

Seeking new solutions to journalism's challenges

Earlier this month the Mundus Journalism Consortium held a half day seminar at City University, London, to revaluate the central values and mission of journalism today.

2017.06.07 |

Former Mundusians at the Forefront of Visual Media Revolution

The face of digital media is rapidly evolving, and a group of Mundus Journalism alumni are leading the charge.

2017.02.15 |

Exclusive networking platform launches

Lundus, an online professional networking platform developed for and by Mundus Journalism alumni, is now available to use.

2017.01.23 |

Student Profile: Hannah Schifko

Building this website has been a grassroots effort. To the collect photos we put out a brief to students in each specialisation. Here, we share a small profile of the photojournalists whose pitches were successful.

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