500+ alumni from 110 countries

500+ alumni from 110 countries

Alumni of the Mundus Journalism programme go on to achieve success in a diverse range of careers.

Many graduates continue with PHD programmes and contribute to leading journalism scholarship discussions. Others go on to build successful careers at some of the world's top media organisations - including London's Bloomberg, Beijing's Dow Jones, Nairobi's Radio Africa Group and New York's Al Jazeera offices. Others choose to take their Master's qualification and use it in another field - graduates have landed jobs in public relations and communications for many intergovernmental organisations, at journalism and technology start ups, and, among others, at global non-profit companies.

"The Mundus Journalism programme provided me with the tools, expertise and global mindset to adapt to a multicultural organization such as the United Nations. During the programme I learnt how to effectively communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and countries about complex international issues." Fabrizio de Rosa, Italy, Alumnus 2010-2012

Our Alumni network is a pivotal point for drawing all graduates together, regardless of career direction. The purpose of the network is to provide a platform for connecting, reconnecting, building professional contacts, sharing job opportunities and continuing industry discussions that the Mundus Journalism programme fosters during the two years students participate in it. It's a small but powerful group of professionals that, together, spans the world.

Connect with us:

As part of our ongoing commitment to alumni, we also keep in contact via a biannual newsletter and run an ongoing profile series documenting the successes of our graduates.


  • Find our private alumni group on facebook that very actively connects students and alumni from all cohorts (as well as staff). This has become a vital portal for idea exchanges; projects requests, jobs, internships and cultural insights are shared on a daily basis
  • Alumni show potential employers that they are associated with the programme by adding '@mundusjourn graduate' (or student)'\ to their twitter or '@mundus_journ graduate' (or student) to their instagram profile
  • Additionally, alumni tag us with their work links or relevant photos on twitter and instagram to share with the network. We use hashtags: #mundusjournalism #mundushegemony #EMJalumni #EMJstudents