Year 2: Specialisation in Swansea

Students choosing the specialisation War & Security will spend their second year studying at Swansea University in Wales in the United Kingdom. Students will gain a comprehensive analytical toolkit to understand and analyse war, conflict and development in different global contexts through carefully selected courses.

The War & Security specialisation focuses on some of the most tangible threats facing journalists, journalism and societies across the globe - a theme that has not become less relevant throughout the years. It focusses on drawing in practitioners to offer professional insights into what life as a war correspondent is like, and how professional practice can be developed to ensure that journalists can lead the journey towards peace and resolution.

Teaching will take place in cooperation with research centres at Swansea University, enabling the inclusion of expert resources within the university specialised in travelling to danger zones, preventing radicalisation, and facing cyber threats.

An inspiring and idyllic study environment

Swansea offers a calm and idyllic base to reflect on the pressing issues facing journalists in the fields of war reporting. The lecturers will help you to examine the wider concepts of foreign correspondence and conflict journalism, and they will encourage you to take a more reflexive approach to your studies and own independent research, which is a strong and important feature of this specialisation's experience. Emphasis is put on developing a deep understanding of the context of geopolitical events, war, conflict, terrorism, technological advancement and the part the media plays in all of this. War & Security is intensive, demanding and requires full engagement from those who choose this pathway.

The University is very popular with students, and its multicultural campus community provides a global perspective and opportunities to gain skills that last a lifetime. The student body is truly diverse and international. Swansea itself is perfect for weekend trips to the nearby seaside, and it is an ideal base for exploring the many miles of beautiful coastline and many other areas of stunning natural beauty. The campus is only a couple of hundred metres from the sea, and students never lack inspiration during their time with us.

Brexit information

Due to the unknown outcome of the pending Brexit negotiations, the status of British Erasmus Mundus partners is still to be decided.
As soon as a decision has been reached, we will share the information here.

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Quote from our recent alumni survey
This programme is challenging academically and gives you a wide yet focused academic background. I would recommend this to anyone considering studies in journalism with a focus on war and security topics.

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