Interchange of knowledge & research

Staff at each of the universities in the Mundus Journalism Consortium fully recognise that a thorough understanding of journalism and globalisation requires successful integration of complementary knowledge, that is based on input from journalism research in different academic fields as well as an awareness of the media industry's changing environment.

In order to facilitate this, the Mundus Journalism Consortium supports the interchange of knowledge and cooperative research via staff exchange and staff visits between the institutions. You can read more about these activities below.

2015.05.26 |

Visiting faculty testimonial: Professor Ken Light

Read UC Berkeley Professor Ken Light's report of his visit to University of Amsterdam, the Danish School of Media and Journalism and Aarhus University, in May and June 2015.

2015.02.13 |

Visiting faculty testimonial: Ingrid Bachmann

Read Ingrid Bachmann's report as an Erasmus Mundus Visiting Professor at City University London and Aarhus University in January and February 2015.

2015.01.30 |

Visiting faculty testimonial: Professor Sebastián Valenzuela

Read about Professor Sebastián Valenzuela's time as an Erasmus Mundus Visiting Professor at the Communication Science department, University of Amsterdam, in January 2015

2014.09.26 |

Visiting faculty testimonial: Mark Schapiro

Read Californian investigative journalist Mark Schapiro's report on his time co-teaching the Mundus Journalism course module Analytical Journalism.

2014.06.06 |

Visiting faculty testimonial: Judith Townend

Read Erasmus Mundus scholar Judith Townend's report on her scholarship visit, which took her from City University London to the University of Technology, Sydney.

2014.04.26 |

Visiting faculty testimonial: Nea Matzen

Read about journalist and lecturer Nea Matzen's exchange from Hamburg University to UC Berkeley in March and April, 2014.

2014.04.26 |

Visiting faculty testimonial: Suzanne Franks

Read Erasmus Mundus scholar Suzanne Franks' report on her scholarship visit, which took her from City University London to the University of California, Berkeley.

2014.04.26 |

Visiting faculty testimonial: Tonny Brems Knudsen

Read Erasmus Mundus scholar Tonny Brems Knudsen's report on his scholarship visit from Aarhus University to the University of Technology, Sydney, in April 2014.

2013.12.15 |

Scholar report: Sara Nofri

In this scholar report Dr Sara Nofri reminisces on her winter trip from University of Hamburg to the warmer climate of Berkeley, Califorina

2013.11.30 |

Scholar report: Tom Goldstein

In this scholar report, UC Berkeley Professor Tom Goldstein discusses his trip from California to Aarhus, Amsterdam and London.

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