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Student productions

First year in Aarhus productions - The Mundus Collections

The Mundus Collection is a challenging and thought-provoking compilation of stories produced by students during the Mundus Journalism programme's second semester module Analytical Journalism. What started off as a journalism class assignment, eventually turned into a series of analytical features covering stories from around the world.

The Mundus Collection is a unique set of articles exploring stories of the East, the West, and the wider world. The writers of these stories belong to many different nationalities and cultural identities, which make their perspectives both interesting and intriguing. ​

In writing these stories, these journalists were told to embrace a deeper style of journalism, looking beyond news hooks and well-known conflicts to broach complex solutions. These are long stories, ideal for leisurely reading, touching on science, law and economics, and they will bring you around the world, combining the best of expert opinion and local knowledge.

In doing so, they also highlight the need for journalism that goes beyond local media and seeks out something greater: a global consciousness, and a global style of journalism.

Please look into our Mundus Collections from 2011 to 2016:

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